The Goof Father's signature test laboratory


Oh, right. The thread. The thread for The Goof Father, the thread chosen especially to test The Goof Father’s signature lines, The Goof Father’s thread. That thread?



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOh, yeah. I thought we’d start off
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwith soup and a light salad, and
So, is everything ready for tonight?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthen see how we feel after that.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOh, right. The poison. The poison
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxfor Kuzco, the poison chosen
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxespecially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco’s
Not the dinner. The "you know."xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpoison. That poison?


Squeaky squeak sqeaker squeaken…


You are so nutty. But we love you.


Nutty indeed!


I wish I had the patience to do that…very cool.


Goof - You are the best!!! :heart: :laugh:


Does anyone care to observe the sanctity of an evil genius’ secret laboratory anymore?

Is it the IN thing to do for young people to just barge in to secret laboratories?

You young ladies come in here and do not even put on the proper protective equipment! Now I will have to admonish you all quite harshly!

Wish, where are your goggles and gloves? {tosses her a pair of lavender rhinestone goggles with matching gloves}

Dana, no white overcoat to protect your expensive clothes… {hands her a resplendent white overcoat with her name stitched on the pocket, which is of course filled with pens}

Alicefan, I am not distilling whiskey, so please stop drinking that! Instead try this… {gives her a vial to counteract the deadly essence of wombat liver juice she had been drinking}

Peppertink, I am surprised to see you here in your hula skirt, which is nice no doubt, but really doesn’t offer much protection from some of the experiments going on here… {suffering sudden flashbacks from a certain tragic cage match}


Portland needs some sunshine, me thinks.


I think you are right Boss Mouse…a little vitamin D therapy may be what’s needed!


It reminds me of the scene from ‘Space Balls’ Where Rick Moriantis is playin with the dolls …


Space Balls~ :laugh: :laugh: “ludicrous speed”


“Did You see…?”
“No sir, I did not see you playing with your dolls.”


:laugh: :laugh: I have to see that movie again…sooo funny!




I didn’t know he was in a band???




I get my vitamin D from a bottle, otherwise I would be in deep vitamin deficient doo-doo here in the NW! :tongue: :wink:


Ahem… Are you doubting the cow bell? :glare:


Every once in awhile I scroll through a thread and snort at someone’s response. This one made me snort. :laugh: