The Great Movie Ride


What is the name of the movie in The Great Movie Ride that stars Jame Cagney? My husband always wants to watch it and mentions it to me while we are on this ride. Do they sell it in DS, maybe in a gift shop?


It’s The Public Enemy. I don’t know if they have the movie for sale, but then, I’ve never looked for it. Hope you can find it:)


Is it Yankee Doodle Dandy you are looking for?
Or G-man?
or Mr. Roberts?

I can’t remember which movie they show there, but those 3 are classics (aren’t they all?)


Well, MB’s movie buff :happy: Of course that’s got to be it


hehe…gotta love Google! Well, that and the fact that I used to work with his nephew:laugh:

BTW…he was also in Foot Light Parade, which I think is mentioned on that ride as well.


I believe it’s called “Public Enemy” circa 1931, also staring Jean Harlow, Joan Blondell, Mae Clarke, Edward Woods, and Donald Cook. It’s available on DVD from Movies #D6-2027


White Heat? “LOOK, MA! I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!”:pinch:


The movie is called “Public Enemy”. There is a wanted poster of “Public Enemy” on the left building wall as you enter the scene duringthe ride.


I always thought they should have a little shop at the end of this ride where you can buy all the films it shows!


Best scene from Public Enemy is where he smushes his grapefruit into his fiancee’s face at the breakfast table… classic!


This one of my all time favorite rides!!! This was the first ride we rode.


Thanks for the info!!

This is my DS4’s fav ride too! He gets a little scared during some of the “scenes”, but I think that is why he likes it so much.


This ride and its wonderfulness really depends on the attitude and the acting ability of your friendly driver! If your driver is really not that into the role, then it’s merely a wonderful ride. If your driver is a total ham and is really good at the acting, then you get a totally fantastic, “grinning from ear to ear” kind of ride.


I think the same thing about Kilmanjaro Safaris… :happy:


Oh boy does it ever. Last time we had this weird boy/girl with this unbelievably tinny voice who shouted the entire time into that microphone. Sheeeesh, I never before wanted that ride to be over, but this one aye, aye.


Oddly enough I don’t know what movie your talking about. I am not up on the older movies, but I am curious to see it now.


I’ll bet you can rent it on Netflix.


I love to watch the old movies (even the B&W movies)… both Disney & non-Disney movies.