The Great Movie Ride


I know that there was a thread about the Great Movie ride and the two different scene; gangster and cowboy scenes in which the ride vehicle is taken over. While I was there in June I ask if we could be on the vehicle for the cowboy scene. The CM moved us to the other vehicle. I hadn’t seen that scene in years. Glad they are still doing both!


Really! I thought they had just scrapped the cowboy scene - we haven’t seen it in years. Good to know - next time I’m going to ask.


:ohmy::ohmy:We haven’t seen the Cowboy Scene in years either—i seriously thought that they combined the cowboys into the gangster scene!!! Some one should figure up the odds of getting thru the cowboy scene!!! :laugh:


I seem to have been pretty lucky over the years and have seen a fair mix of the two.I prefer the gangsters myself- love the Joisey accents they try to do!


I didn’t know you could request a different scene.We always get the gangster.Next trip I will ask for the cowboy.Thanks for making me aware of this.


It seems that park traffic is one indicator as to whether they are doing both scenes. The best way we’ve been able to tell is if there is one vehicle in the loading area, you’ll get gangster. IF there are two, first car gets cowboy, second car gets gangster.

We’ve always been able to request, if willing to wait a couple of cycles.


I’ve seen the Gangster scene too many times to count. Have never seen the Cowboy scene. We’ve been in the months of Feb, June, July, and Oct:wub:. Next trip will be in May so maybe we’ll get luck then.


I have only seen the cowboy one time. It actually makes no difference to me. I like that ride no matter what. But I am going to go and ask for the cowboy in a few days. heheheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


If I were to have my Disney dream job, it would be to focus on the actor CMS in TGMR and Kilmanjaro Safaris… two of my favorite rides of all time, and so much better when you get the really good, hammy actors that are really into their roles!!!


When we went in October, we did the ride twice, the second time we ask for the cowboy scene. It is the car in the front that does the cowboy, the back one does the gangster. At least that how it was that day.


We skipped this ride because Disney described it as “may be too scary for children”. How scary is it really?


Christina—there are parts that may be scary for small children…some of it has been slightly adjusted.

When it first opened years ago, the Alien came down farther from the ceiling—it’s still there though now and I think it’s the worst part. My DD learned after the first ride through that she would duck down in the car through that area—I have also heard that the Wicked Witch scares some of the children—also—the gun noise from the gangster or cowboy scenes—I think that’s it—Indiana Jones may scare some because of darkness—

If you have any doubts—ride it alone yourself first—and then go back with the kids----


I’m just thrilled that someone used two different spellings properly in the same sentence.
“Your” really special.:laugh:
You must have been something else in days of “you’re”.:laugh:


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1125609]I’m just thrilled that someone used two different spellings properly in the same sentence.
“Your” really special.:laugh:
You must have been something else in days of “you’re”.:laugh:[/QUOTE]

Well, thank you sir! I try!:blush:


When you get to the front of the line, you can request. That’s how we got to see Cowboy the first time.


The alien maybe a bit frightening as well as when the shooting starts, hello - bang, bang?


Cowboys and Aliens?


As far as the scary parts go, the small children I have ridden it with have been fine. Just know that in the Alien scene you that the alien will come down from the ceiling. The kids were far more afraid of Dinosaur than they were TGMR!