"The Great Piggy Bank Adventure"


[B]New Disney Exhibit To Teach Kids How To Save Money[/B]
By JOHN MacLAUCHLAN, WFOR-TV Online Producer

It’s a small world after all. Investment management group T. Rowe Price is teaming up with Mickey Mouse to teach families how to save money.

The Baltimore-based investment company announced they will sponsor an exhibit at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park called the “The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.”

Edward C. Bernard, vice chairman of T. Rowe Price Group, says [B]the goal is to get parents to talk about saving and investing with kids which is “more important now than ever before.”[/B] (um you’re at Disney?!!? :biggrin:)

The exhibit will focus on four key financial themes: Setting goals, saving and spending smartly, staying ahead of inflation, and diversifying your investments. Three years in development, [B]The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is scheduled to open this spring at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot.[/B]

Founded in 1937, T. Rowe Price had $276 billion in assets under management at the end of last year. The company’s stock fell 41 percent last year as investment advisory revenue dropped and the firm’s investments took a hit.

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Here is the link: New Walt Disney World EPCOT Exhibit ‘The Great Piggy Bank Adventure’ To Teach Kids How To Save Money - cbs5.com

The part in RED is my two cents!! :cool:


I saw this article too, I was wondering if it would be open by next week or not. I will definitely be on the look out for it.


That sounds like a great idea.


Message #1: save, save, save
Message #2: buy an overpriced hamburger, but a plush toy, buy a Cinderella dress, etc.
Ha! :laugh:


thanks for the info!


I think the idea is save all of your money… then go to DIsney on vacation and spend more than you planned. If you don’t have the savings then you can’t do that- at least now…


They’re planning to brainwash children into saving all of their money, then spend it to go to WDW! :laugh:

Nah, it sounds like a very good idea. Just kind of ironic that it’s at WDW… a rather expensive vacation destination.


ya that is right idea to get your children fresh, and in the vacation if you want to go for refreshment then you can go to Disney or WDW… both are very nice place. if you want to purchase discount coupons online then that is also available in the market.


Today was the OPENING!!!

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WOW we all did it without being brainwashed… or were we.