The Guessing game?


Post a picture and people have to guess who, what, where, or when.

Where can you find this sign?

As you go under the railroad bridge entering Main Street?



As you go under the railroad bridge entering Main Street? :cool:




What event is this?


Just one of the things that we look forward to on our December trip. The Candle Light Processional.


Where can this bow be found? Park & location?


MK by the wishing well?


ok MissSmartyPants :tongue: You are right :biggrin: Now, try this one!!!

Which park and where can this planter and plaque be found?


Epcot / Italy

This ones hard.


Yes this was an easyone.


NOPE! But I knew someone was going to say that! :tongue:

Guess again!


Park And general area?




That’s what I call the “African passthrough” between China & Germany in the World Showcase. EPCOT.

(I think, I am going by the fencing. haha)


Nobody has guessed mine in post #8. My hint is…

Look very carefully at the STYLE of font on the plaque, it’s a huge time-period/style giveaway.


Space Mountain’s dedication plaque and planter???


I’m thinking in MGM around the 50’s Prime Time Cafe.


i’m saying mgm by the art deco numbering, but i’m flustered as to where…near restrooms perhaps?


This was my guess as well!



You are going to be hard to stump.:laugh: