The Happiest Wasps on Earth?


DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE HEAD FORMED BYGENUINE WASPS 4NEST- - eBay (item 230270379116 end time Jul-17-08 16:14:28 PDT)


$45,000!!! Hmmmmm…


heehee, did you see the buy it now price? $ 45.000.00 :blink: :ohmy:


Oh my look at the price! that has to be a joke surely!!


It’s cool but who is going to pay $45,000 for that?


That is strange…:blink:


While it is cool (if it is authentic), it is definitely not worth $45,000. Also she said her DH found it attached to a tree. Maybe the bees/wasps were not finished using it. I believe in leaving nature alone as much as possible.

Anyhow, I don’t believe they will sell it. However, you never know.


Wow…I think I am having sticker shock. :eek:


Well I think it’s GROSS!! YUCK!! :blow:

$45,000 huh . . . oh and crazy too!!


Just another case of someone trying to make a buck, anyway they can!


Did you see where it said that it had been shaped to Disney mickey mouse head and then they asy they found it in the woods like that, they are congerdicting what they have already said. I don’t think that bees made the hive look that way unless the have a homemade hive in that shape.


I didn’t get that from the description. I don’t think they are saying it was “shaped”. They are saying it is perfectly shaped… like a Mickey head…


Take a good look at it. The left “so called ear” does not look like it is attached to the head. They could have used super glue to it and try to make it look like it. There was two offers on it, can any one find out what they were. No way $45,000 hahahaaa.


That is amazing, but my mind just thinks about how many trips to WDW I could make with 45 grand.LOL I hope I’m not disappointed in the reasonableness of the general public, please don’t let anyone buy this.


I don’t like MM that much.


$45,000, wasps nest or great DVC? Can’t make up my mind.