The Haunted Mansion


Ride, movie, and comics!

I saw this movie and really loved it. My cousin let me borrow it. I am so excited for the ride now. I also went to a comic convention and saw some of the comics of HM I got 5 of them for 50 cents each. And one of my favorite artists does some of the art. Has anyone else seen the comics? What do you think?


I have never seen the comics boy would I love to find them for 50 cents each …


Hey, a hidden Mickey.


I never knew they had comics…gotta get me some.


The comics are kinda dark but still funny. And there are some very cool covers. For anyone familiar with comic books or slave labor graphics, the cover artist for the image I posted is Roman Dirge. He did a comic called Lenore which has gotten pretty popular.


I got the first one though I didn’t collect the series…