The Headless Horseman at MNNSHP


Has anyone ever had their pic taken with the Headless Horseman at MNNSHP? I am talking about posing next to him while he is a standstill with you, not galloping past you.

Is it possible? :confused:


As far as I know the headless horseman is very special and only comes to announce the coming of MNSSHP parade


That would be cool to get a PIC with the Headless Horseman. Does anyone have any pictures of him riding by?


I believe I read a post somewhere that a family asked Guest Services about getting a pic with him and Guest Services said he does not do it. The post went on to say that they asked a CM after the first parade and the CM had them meet at the stables doors before the second parade. They let this family in and there was the HH with whom they got to stand next to and take pics. However, there were no pics posted with the post nor was there any link to pictures to prove it.

Hmmmm, could it be true?


Sounds as mysterious as the HH himself…hmmm…


Nah…unless you know the CM and can get special favors as such…the HH just rides by


That would be awsome!


he goes along the parade route - he does not stop for pictures…


I’ve gotten my pic with him, but that was only because I was in the Parade last year. Sorry guys, the Horseman stops for no man. He’s a ghost on a mission after all, and he can’t stop for petty pictures with petty humans :laugh:


Please share the pic…I’d LOVE to see it!


I’ll see if I can find it.