The Hilton Anaheim caused a slight hiccup


Well, the Heir Apparent convinced me to ride Splash Mountain.

At night.

In the cold.

I got wet. :laugh:

Well, all things considered, we decided to go back to the hotel room at 8:00 p.m. to change into dry clothing.

Nothing had been touched. :ohmy:

Sheets were strewn assunder… :blink:

Towels where they lay… :huh:

No more fragrant soaps laid out in a row! :eek:

Seriously, I had never had a problem like this before… :huh:

But I went down and tried to speak with a Manager.

Who was busy… :pinch:

So I ended up speaking with the front desk, who offered me the choice of another room or a cleaning crew to go do their job…

So I told them to go clean the room, and left for the park…

I got back at 10:00 p.m.

No one had touched the room.

Now I was livid… :mad:

Luckily, the Manager, who I did speak to this time, wasn’t too happy, either…

I got moved to another room.

He comped the night! :wub:

Which made me feel a whole lot better, since by the time everything was moved, I was getting up in five hours…

So, in the end, Management did the right thing, and I’m a happier camper because of it… :happy:


Yikes! A full day with no service? Somebody’s been sleeping on the job…

Glad mgmt was able to help you out. Sorry it took a second trip to the front desk…


ehhhh, that’s not too nice, now is it? But the comp is a good thing. How was the meet & greet?


Not fun, but i’m glad it turned out alright for you in the end


Yikes! Awesome that they comped the room though…that’s good service.


Very nice that Disney made it up to you!


That’s such a nice story, in teh end!


we had that happen to us at POP and they gave us a big credit for the room because we returned so late at night and there was still coffe on the bed and it had been set over! Glad that they comped it for you- gives you a valid excuse to buy more gifts for me! LOL


Mwaaaahaha…it’s good to have contacts in housekeeping at the Hilton. My evil plan was working until you got your stupid room night comped!:glare:

:laugh: :laugh: Wow…that is bad, but I’m glad they tried to make up for it!


In other events, I discovered upon departure that my cell phone charger had not been included with my luggage…

I, of course, did not find this out until the evening came, when I realized it wasn’t there.

So, of course, I stopped by the Hilton first thing on Monday morning…

And mentioned my loss.

They said they would get back to me…

They didn’t.

I ended up buying a charger for the car, just to keep the phone running.

In the end, I never heard back.

So today, I spent an hour at the Hilton. They never found my charger, but it appears lots of people leave their chargers behind. So they gave me a replacement charger, better than I had before…

So I am happy! :happy: