The Hunk and Me


I have been twice lately. I went to Soap Weekend in Nov. and then again New Year’s. Both trips were great but I just have to share this picture!! Soap weekend was so fantastic!! My DH loved it too because although the park was packed the attractions weren’t as all the screaming ladies were at the soap events. Anyway, this was my defining moment a close up with Michael Easton ( John McBAin of One LIfe to Live) and Greg Vaughn (Lucky) on General Hospital. I got some great photos of so many stars!!


Wow, the first hunk is taller than I imagined. Great pictures :happy:


who is the hunk


You look pretty happy standing next to them!


Thats awsome. I wish I was there. I would love to see somw of the guys from Passions.


Oh my goodness! They are both hunks! Positively yummy! And, I must say, how nice to see you posting again LRTJS! How have you been?


John and Lucky !!! I would have to say you are the one who is lucky !! They are even better loking off camera huh ???


Yum! Have them both powdered and brought before me!



It’s getting kind of stupid lately with this whole Todd thing.
I’ve been watching AMC and Days of Our Lives more.


AWWW, how cute!! Thanks for sharing the pics. I don’t watch soaps and have no idea who those guys are but I am SURE a lot of ladies thought you were VERy lucky standing next to those dudes :wink:


The dark headed one is Michael Easton he is on One LIfe to Live. He used to be a vampire on the soap Port Charles before it got cancelled! :closedeye


Oh yea, they sure are. Thorsten Kaye on All My Children was absolutely fantastic. I never thought he was that great on the show but in person… :tongue:


It is good to be back! I am coming up on my second year without my Shelly (March 21) and life is still hard. I realize how much my friends mean and that means here at DC too. I need to come around more often, it gives me a much needed lift! Thanks so much for asking!!! :wub:


Both hunks are yummy! I like the taller one for myself. I’ll let you have the other if you want…lol kidding of course…sorta :angel:


Very cool–lucky you!!!


Wow, what a couple of HUNKS!!! :heart::wub::heart: I might have to start going to soap weekends!


Oh Lesley!!! I L:heart:VE John McBain!!! He looks even hotter in person!!!
I think I am definitely going to SoapWeekend this year!!!


I used to watch that show! I really liked it, it was so fun to watch. You are so lucky you got to meet them!


:wub: You should definitely go!! It was so much fun. The dates for next year are NOv. 11-12. I was amazed at how much better the stars looked in person.My main goal was to get a fast pass for Michael Easton and I was lucky my husband was with me and he stood in the GH line and got one for Greg Vaughn (Lucky). I can’t wait until next year!!!


oh my they are so hot I have loved Michael Easton ever since he played Tanner on Days of our lives love his eyes I am going to try and make it this year to Soap opera weekend Dh will not be happy but he can go ride the rides like you said since they were not busy at all

just talked to DH and he said yes woohoo guess where I am going for that weekend