The hunt is on! Have you seen this pin?


I’d love to complete a set with this pin… will trade or buy!:pirate:


I might have it, I’m not sure. I’ll check my collection when I get home from work.


I don’t have it but I’ll look around!


I haven’t seen that one, is it a limited edition? What is the rest of the set like?


You can Buy it for $10.00 from here. :smile:, Inc.
Then Search for “Disney’s Animal Kingdom - Whimsical Animals

There are some people wanting to trade it here. :smile:

Pin Pics: Pin Groups
Click on “Members Trading”


That pin sure is BRIGHT… :laugh:

Good luck finding it…


R2G you are handy, as usual!!! I will go check it out!


My DD has it and I believe it’s one of her full sets. Sorry dear. Good luck on the hunt and let us know if you find it.:heart:


Oh, nope. Of course I can’t help. It’s a WDW pin. :pinch: :laugh: Oh well, I figured I’d look and see what it was!


The pin is on ebay right now called Animal Kingdom Pin Event Whimsical Logo being sold by pvtradingcompany which ends End time: 11 hours 42 mins (Jul-29-06 17:21:00 PDT)… The current bid is $2.29

Hope it helps… Good Luck…


I just look at my collection and Im sorry but I dont… Good luck


Yay! I found it on ebay and I hope to own it by the end of the week!!!


I haven’t seen this pin, but good luck on finding it!


Any luck yet MissDisney??? :huh:


Ther eis an auction on this pin today! It ends in a few hours… I will let you know how it goes!


Did you ever get this pin MissDisney? Because I found it on a lanyard the other day and traded for it thinking of you. Let me know if you still need it. :happy:


Ginger, thanks! I will happily pay you… I keep missing it by a bid on eBay, just because i have not been at home when bidding ends! Great news! I will PM you…


since you are looking for it on here, does that mean they do no sell it anymore? you might also want to look at the CM’s - they will trade with you.


Yes, this pin is no longer for sell. The set was made in 2001. I actually did find it on a CM’s lanyard and thought of MissDisney when I saw it. :happy:


Just so everyone knows… my kids and I spent DAYS at the parks, practically breaking our backs as we strained to see each and every apssing lanyard, looking for this pin (also the Whimsical Giraffe, which is uber-hard-to-find!). I can’t believe Gingita found it passing by!!! That is so cool!:cool: