The "I need a TR!" trip report


Yeah, I need one, too. :pinch:

Okay, here’s one pic to keep you anxiously awaiting the real start tonight . . .

the view from our FIRST room at Pop Century.


Ooooh, what a nice way to start. Looking forward to more!


That’s just not right…great view, though, I didnt realize anyone had that view from POP…

anxiously awaiting more…


Yeah! New TR. Can’t wait for the rest.


Yay!! Another TR. Something to keep me busy today.


[QUOTE=smee57;954248]Yeah, I need one, too. :pinch:

Okay, here’s one pic to keep you anxiously awaiting the real start tonight . . .

the view from our FIRST room at Pop Century.[/QUOTE]

Yay, another trip report!! Do I sense a problem in that you said your"first" room. Was there a problem–hope not!! Can not wait for some more!!


Awesome view. What building and room number was it?


what a tease! Great view though… Makes you want to daydream! Can’t wait to her all about it!


wow…that was some view. Best on property I think. Can’t wait for the rest of the report.


Alrighty then. Where was I? Ah yes, the view.
It’s taken with a zoom lens from the third floor of the backside of the 80’s building. I can’t remember the actual room number but it was 73something-something (54, I think). It’s THE longest walk from the lobby. And at 12:30 in the morning, all we wanted to do was get some sleep. But I did notice the lit up WDW sign off in the not-too-far distance so took a picture the next day. A nice zoomed in picture, actually taken from a few doors down. But I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Day 1, Sunday April 5

To say we were excited is an understatement! To say we were nervous about the weather forecast of the day is also an understatement. Our good friend, Loretta (yes, that’s WDWRules) kept me updated on the weather in Milwaukee where we were flying out of. Forecast . . . 5-8" of wet snow. Yee hah. We gave ourselves plenty of additional time to make the hour drive to the airport, and wah-lah, the weather forecast was waaayyyyy wrong. There was nothing! No snow, no rain, no nothing. Sometimes it is okay when the meteorologist is WRONG! :happy:

We experience a very on-time and uneventful flight to Orlando, which is always a good thing. Luggage rolls out on the conveyer belt in a relatively short period of time. Another good thing. And off to Magical Express for our first time ever. We’re on the bus in no time at all, along with maybe five other families and the driver makes an announcement that was music to our ears. . . Pop Century is the first stop. Ah. Perfection so far. (And we’d definitely do ME again!)

We arrived at Pop around midnight, I guess. Maybe a little after. Checked in, only to discover that we’re taking a hike. A long hike. To the backside of the 80’s building. I asked the CM if there was another room available and was told that we’d be put on the list for a room change in the morning. Eh, the long hike won’t kill us. :pinch: We didn’t bother to unpack much and put our weary heads to rest. We were at WDW. All was good. :happy:

Short but sweet and the end of day 1.

(This was a good thing to start tonight. It was rainy and snowy and windy today. I needed a fun reminder of how and where I really did get this tan!)


Can’t wait to hear how you liked POP. I was going to ask for that view when we checked in but nevermind! I’m not one for walking a trillion miles after doing it all day in a park. Can’t wait for some more TR


That’s exactly why we requested a room change. This was our third time at Pop (so there you have it, we LOVE it!) and knew that we make way too many trips to the lobby/restaurant/bus stop to be so far away. So, despite that awesome reminder of where we were with that view, it just wasn’t for us.


I requested 50’s. Am I safe with that choice?


I need a TR, too!


Tinkerbelle 24 hey if you are not sure about the lay out for pop you can go to allears and they have a map layout for pop on there web site. not sure if it would help you out or not.


You’ll find out in my next ‘chapter’ that you are definitely okay with that request! :happy: Won’t get to it until tonight, though. :mellow:


Thought I’d post kind of a cool pic I took from the bus one morning.


That’s right! I forgot about that! Thanks


I am loving your TR. It is getting me ready for my upcomming trip. Thanks!!


Cool. I love the foggy early in the morning look of things.