The illusive Tinkerbell and her debuting voice


another thread made me decide to start this one…
It’s about the new Tink and fairy movie that is suppose to come out and that they are giving tink a voice.

I personally do not feel that tink should have a human voice!!!




I have to agree. I don’t think should talk in a human voice either…seems to weird.



What are they thinking???:confused:

Haha…I responded to my own post…haha…duh…Is it 5 yet?:blush: :pinch:


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NO! Tink will seem way too different if she gets a human voice. And what if it just doesn’t ‘suit’ her too? Imagine the complaints! :pinch:


thank goodness ya’ll agree with me …its just wrong in so many ways to give Tink a human voice… it’s like taking away from the fantasy of pixie dust.


its 6 pm here … move east a little :slight_smile:

diisneygeek, I will be the first in that complaint line!!! Tink belongs in one place at WDW… flying down from the castle!! not giving autographs and talking to people.


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My first thought: She doesn’t have a voice? Huh.


Working on that:wink:

I agree! sigh Why do they always have to try and capitalize on every little thing? :mellow:


tink is tude!! she is all about Tude!! and the good animators who brought her to life in Peter Pan showed she did not need a voice to show she was happy, sad, ticked off or about to have Wendy murdered :slight_smile:


I have a feeling a lot of Mousebuzzers have opinions on this, so let’s discuss. I am a big Tinkerbell fan and I haven’t warmed up very much to this new image of Tinkerbell as seen on all the Fairies merchandise, etc. In fact, I am VERY picky about which Tinkerbell imagery I like and which I think is just askew.

On this last trip I got into several conversations with other Tinkerbell fans, mostly CMs, one of which who told me that one of the SOLE purposes of releasing the upcoming “Fairies” movie was to give Tinkerbell a voice in order for her to make more park appearances and character meal appearances. Why would she have to talk in order to do this? Most of the “full costumed” characters don’t TALK to you… Mickey has never said anything to me in a park, etc. I know the princesses talk, etc… but why couldn’t Tink be different, as she is already?

So, what is your opinion on all this? Our precious Tink with a VOICE!!! Do you have particular Tink imagery & iconology that you find “right” & like more than others?

LET’S TALK TINK!! :happy: :wub:

(please feel free to use pictures, etc.)


Hee hee…“Wendy murdered”:laugh: :laugh: :huh: :ph34r:


haha, OMG, how funny. I TOTALLY just started a thread about this too without seeing yours first!! Sorry!!


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well tink had no trouble convincing them to shoot “the Wendy Bird” and she never said a word… and the lost boys were not the brightest :happy:

someone at Disney needs to learn …somethings should not be messed with. Tink is one of them!!!


Wish, I agree with you. I often find images of Tinkerbell, whether it be in stores in the mall, or in other novelty type stores, that to me just don’t look right. I prefer any images of her that to me seem consistent with the way she was illustrated for Disney’s Peter Pan. Other versions of her just don’t look right.

As far as her making appearances in the parks, I don’t think I like the idea of her mingling with other princesses and talking to guests. Tinkerbell has always had that certain edge that the other princesses don’t. I say, leave her image the way it is, and don’t change her to fit a mold of how other Disney princesses should be.


You said it sistah! I never had a problem understanding what Tink was trying to convey or how she was feeling. Maybe it’s just me…I can relate to the…er…jealous and tempermental nature of our little Tink:happy:


Tink spoke in Hook…