The Imagination Movers are coming next month in Playhouse Disney


I heard that Next Month the Imagination Movers are coming to Playhouse Disney on Tv.


We had seen the ad for this as well. Our 5-yr DD and 2-yr DD/DS twins will be very happen. They want to listen to the Movers or TMBG “1-2-3’s” in the car now most of the time.

Prezcatz Paul


Do you mean they will have their own show rather than just the little ditties they show in between shows now?


I don’t know!


Okay . . . so I decided to google it . . . here’s what I found:
Imagination Movers | News
We are eight working days away from wrapping up Season 1 of the Imagination Movers TV show and could not be more proud of what we have created.

We believe you’ll appreciate it for being:

  1. a smart show (we did not want to patronize our young viewers with mindless meddling),
  2. a musical wonderland (we can’t wait to unleash the 20-30 new songs coming your way),
  3. and a successful fusion of entertainment and educational television (we actually model problem-solving, introduce brainstorming as a viable buzzword for toddlers).

In short, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into as a parent wanting quality entertainment for you child . . . and we’re hoping parents too will enjoy the strong narratives.

It sounds like they have made a show. I think my youngest will enjoy it because she loves to sing and dance so much. I’m looking forward to it too!


Please link where you heard that from. All new and rumors on Mousebuzz needs a link to a source. I am also moving this thread to “new and rumors” forum where it belongs. Thank you.


I’m not sure that I even know what the Imagination Movers are? When is this on typically?


there is actually a concert thing coming here to CT that will have all the snippet stars like them- Choo choo soul, Dan Zane etc… I heard a commercial for it yesterday


Thank you Dana! I make that mistake and thanks to move it!


Cool! I really like the Imagination Movers. It’ll be fun to watch with DD>:ph34r:


The Imagination Movers have a website where you can learn more about their upcoming show, IMAGINATION MOVERS | Juice Box Heroes

Also, Disney Music :: Block Party Tour | Home is the link for info on the concert series that will have the IM’s plus TMBG, Dan Zanes, and Ralph from Ralph’s World.