The Kitchen sink


I have only read about it, and am trying to convince my older boys it will be worth going to try it…can anyone describe the Kitchen sink dessert, if you thought it was worth it and how crowded it gets in August at Beaches n Cream?


I have never tried one, just seen it on TV. Wow, that’s one big bowl of ice cream :laugh:
don’t give the boys a choice, go there and order one. How can anyone not like ice cream that never ends :blink:


Brain freeze for the family.


It is huge and you add your own toppings whatever you like. Your kids will love this. It will be busy but well worth the wait. It is a must do.


It’s HUGE!!! LOTS and LOTS of delicious ice cream with everything you can imagine on top. You can custom order the kitchen sink however you like which I highly recommend because some of the flavor combinations they add do not seem to mix well. Having chocolate chip mint with butter peacan and other flavors just didn’t seem to go well together to us so we substituted flavors and toppings. When you order one they turn off the lights and lights start flashing and the CM all clap and yell.

Beaches n Cream is a small ice cream shop so I would imagine it can get pretty crowded. There is a host desk area to greet you outside of it so I can imagine there can be a wait to be seated during peak season. Totally worth trying it!! Here is a picture of ours.


It looks delicious!! They serve it in a KITCHEN SINK (I love that edit button)!! Way too much ice cream for a family of 4 in one sitting, but the pictures of the family eating it would be great!!

Don’t they serve something similar at the water parks?? My brain must not be working correctly today!!


thanks for the pic and great info! We’re definitely going to squeeze this in, even if it’s our dinner!


Correction :biggrin: they serve it in a little stainless sink :laugh:


Here’s a tip, if you get a warm topping (like hot fudge) it can melt quickly and become ice cream soup. Still tasty, but not quite the same.

We had a similar sundae at Ghirardelli, and that is what happened to us. It melted and made a mess all over the table, but it was still delicious.


We have never tried it, but it looks yummy. I just don’t think we could ever finish it, and would be sick afterwards. Worth a try though I guess.


I can’t wait to give this a go in August! Is that a muffin conceled in there DayDreamer? lol!


It was more like a small angel cake cut in half. Real good though!! Some of the toppings surprised me but sure hit the spot.


It would be good at first but once it all started to melt together…:blow:


That looks so goooooooooooood! We have to stop there. Thank you for posintg this thread and that picture.


Sharon and I did this about 10 years ago. we saved up all day to eat it (it was the only thing we ate all day). It was delicious! I have to admit, that ice cream is our down fall, and after this, we did not want ice cream for almost a month. Beaches and Cream is small, and it is always busy. That adds to the fun when they dim the lights and announce the kitchen sink and bring it out to your table.


Exactly! We ordered one once and it was okay, but then it all ran together and was pretty unappetizing.

It was worth getting the one time, the kids had fun with it. :laugh:


I guess I’m the only one who thinks this is a total waste of money…:huh:

Just the thought of all that ice cream and toppings smooshed together…:pinch:


I was kind of wondering the same thing, but I think its the experience in itself and photo op! I have wanted to get one, but we end up being so busy elsewhere in “the world”, we never make it over there.


Great picture DayDreamer! We had it once with six people and ate every bit of it!