The little Kimonos (Sp?) In Japan or China at EPCOT


Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Those little robes…my daughter wants one REALLY bad - does anyone know how much they cost?

I’m hoping one of you buzzers has seen them and/or purchased them!

We saw two little girls dressed up in them at the WL, and the mom told me she bought them in Epcot, and it’s ALL Sissy has talked about (whenever we talk about our vacation, she always says “I’m gonna get one of those robes!!”)

I just am wondering how much they are, before I promise one! I don’t wanna spend 100 bucks on a fancy robe! :laugh:


I have no idea but I do miss you! Where have you been? :heart:


From:Japan - Epcot

EPCOT- Japan

The Mitsukoshi is an attraction in itself, filled with dolls, fine porcelain, kimonos, Japanese handcrafts, jewelry, snacks and much more. Be sure to check out the clothes for the Ninja in your family.

No price though. :smile:

More if from:Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Walt Disney World Epcot - Japan at

For shopping, there is something in all price ranges at the Mitsukoshi Department Store. Their merchandise includes kimonos, Mikimoto pearls, bonsai trees, chopsticks, tea sets, dolls, candy, foodstuffs and all kinds of books and toys (including plenty of Pokemon). Be prepared to spend a bundle if you want to purchase some of the very fine merchandise such as the better kimonos or dolls. However, you can pick up small wooden toys, t-shirts, candy and the like at somewhat reasonable prices.


Erin, I’d go hunting on ebay. The kimonos are not Disney-specific, and you can find them cheaper away from WDW.

Any money you save can be designated towards my vacation fund.


I miss you, too! I have lots to tell you! I hope you’re doing ok. I can’t believe it’s been weeks since we talked…it’s just not right.


Just so you know - and I’m not jesting…

YOU ROCK!!! :happy: :heart:


It looks like Miss Korryn will need to be rethinking her WDW purchases… :sad:

But, who knows… “a bundle” is relative. I was willing to pay up to 50-60 dollars for it.


Well, your vacation fund IS one of my top priorities…where are you gonna go for your next vacation? I haven’t heard you mention Disney - are you thinking of another place?

While the kimonos are NOT Disney-specific, I think the experience for her is part of it…also, aren’t the kimonos from sold at the Japan pavillion FROM Japan? If so, that’s very cool for her.

If they are too expensive, she WON’T be coming home with one. If they are too much, we’ll go with Plan B (Ebay). :heart:


Hey Erin,

I might head to Epcot tomorrow, so if I remember, I will check the prices out for you.

Making the mental note now… :biggrin:


We got my daughters each one of those at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, they were $25 for the little ones and $40 for the big ones. You should check and see if there is one near you.


Hey Erin, I was just thinking the same thing as Paula… where have you been!!! hehe. I did my laundry ALONE on Sunday, my goodness :tongue:

I just want to add, the kimonos that are sold in China’s pavillion are cheaper. I know I am basing this on one incidence but still… haha. Michele had to get one for her neighbor for an international show they were doing at school. I remember she paid around $35, but the girl was in middle school so I don’t remmeber if it was a kjid’s size or small adult size. I remmeber looking in the Japanese pavillion first and she was like “oohhh no.” It could be the materials used, by-hand embellishments, I have no idea why… but I would honestly try the market in the Chinese Pavillion first. They also have those cool Chinese shoes and all the fun accesories.

You can read about the Yong Feng Shangdian Department Store under “shopping” at China in Epcot – World Showcase


Just to clear things for me - are you looking for a Japanese kimono or a traditional dress from China - because they are two different things.


Erin …Barbie and Lisa had some, well when they were little …and I think they still have them some place …maybe even here … the ones from Japan …they bought full growned ones a year of so ago … let me look around here first …then if they are not here let me ask the girls …I am not sure what size they are though and if they would fit Sissy.


Oh man: I got all excited. I thought this thread was going to be about karaoke…


hahaha! Ooo, and I like your new Jessica avatar, it looks like SHE is doing karaoke! hehe.


I’m very interested!! If they fit. She’s probably a size Large, though…or a 12/14. I’m not sure if it would be big enough!

But, if you come accross them, and they are big enough, please let me know how much you want for them!


You’re so awesome!


Which ever one is the robe-looking attire. We aren’t sure - she saw them on two little girls at the WL, and I asked the mom - but, I can’t remember where she said (IF she said) she got them…all I remember is EPCOT.


You’re awesome!!! Thank you! :wub: :wub:


how much …now I feel insulted …you know better then that Erin… VSTFY said she thinks she wore her’s last in the 6th grade …she has always been tiny …they might be too small :frowning: but as soon as we locate one (both were the same size I think) I will let you know if they might fit and then if they do ship them to ya… sheesh …pay for it … I ought drive down yonder just to give you a Liverpool Kiss!!!


I wish!! LOL!


No insults! That’s not what I meant - I know you would NEVER, EVER expect anything - that’s what’s so sweet about you! But, I know you paid a pretty penny for it! It would be doing me a favor, so I don’t mind!

You’re always so good to me. :wub: