The Little Mermaid 3!


I wasn’t sure if this was posted before but i thought i’d let yall no that IMDB has info regarding the Little Mermaid 3 and is showing the release tio theaters in 2008!


There’s a 3rd one? I wasn’t very impressed with the 2nd. The original by far is the one that stays in my heart :).


Yeah, I didn’t like Little Mermaid 2 either… it wasn’t good at all. :dry:
Maybe LM3 will be a little better.


Hopefully I mean I didn’t quite get the 2nd very much. I think Disney tried too hard to make it perfect. I have the link right here from imdb if you guys want to see it. There isn’t hardly anything on it though. It comes out in 2008.



oooooooh me being the Ariel fan that I am
and in theaters…awesome!!!
I really loved the 2nd one and the music in it as well, so bring it on! hahaha


a 3rd little mermaid? i haven’t seen the second one and had no idea there’s going to be a 3rd. wow.


yep thats what i thought too lol… totally unexpected for me



They need to move on.


EXACTLY! They’re ruining the Disney magic of all the orignal movies. If only Walt was here, he’d have something to say about this. :excl:


sometimes though the second can be really good… cinderallas sequel was excellent and toy story 2 was better than the original… even 102 dalmations was pretty good


Oh, this is just wrong. Sigh.



Just Kill Me Now!


Hahah exactly. Just kill us and save us the torture. And yes Cinderella 2 was OK and Toy Story Excellent. But 102 Dalmatians AWFUL! I am the biggest 101 Dalmatians fan on this planet and was deeply disappointed. Disney makes good sequels with Pixar helping them too.


Perhaps LM3 will be the one where Ariel’s great-great-great-great-granddaughter, Lori Lemaris, meets this shy college student from Smallville, and… :laugh:


part three? Oh geez…haven’t they learned yet?


LOLOLOL I needed that laugh today.


Hooray! I’m not the only one who knows who Lori is.


Yeah… cause I was struggling… :ninja:


Perhaps Little Mermaid 3 will be by Pixar… :wink:



Ya I wish. I want a Finding Nemo 2 though. I’d LOVE that.