The Little Mermaid on BROADWAY!


So DM bought the whole family tickets to see The Little Mermaid on broadway on February 26. I think it’s a Thursday… anyway we are sitting in orchastra row z. Has anyone who seen this sat that far back? Does the mezzanie interfere with seeing the show at all? I am so excited to see this! I have been you tubing everything and anything about The Little Mermaid on Broadway! So excited!!! Any critics out there who wanna tell me what they thought?
My family was really big into Beauty and teh Beast when it came out we saw it twice in the first theater and 2 or 3 times in the Lunt Fountain CRAZY!! I also saw Tarzan which i thought was AMAZING! i don’t expect anything less from Disney… They just know how to do things and do them right!!!
I am so excited I need people to talk to about this!!! :ariel::biggrin:


We saw it last July. The theater is pretty small so I think you will have a good view no matter where you are. Enjoy the show!


MY DH and I saw ‘the Little Mermaid’ on Broadway. I was so nervous it was going to be one of those things he’d dread getting through but BOTH of us actually ended up LOVING it!! The theater is really small & I’d be inclinded to say that there really isn’t a ‘bad’ seat in the house.

Have fun!!


darn, now I wanna go too. We haven’t had a chance to go into the city for a long time,. Maybe in the spring… well, anyway have a wonderful time!


Last I heard, not sure if it’s still the case, but tickets for this are buy one adult, get one kids free . . . you might want to look into it! That is an AWESOME deal!!

OH, and Ursala . . . she RULES this show! :happy:


I am so envious! Disney and Broadway! How could anything not be right about that mixture! Id love to be able to go catch one of those productions someday!