The Little Mermaid:Ariel's Beginning


Did anyone buy or rent this today? I am waiting for my from Netflix. Also the 2 disc Nightmare Before Christmas came out today…I am buying that one.


I’m buying both this weekend.

I don’t think I’ll watch LM any time soon. But they slapped that “limited time only” phrase on it, so I have to buy it. I’m a sucker whenever they do that. :dry:

For anyone who is buying/has bought it… does it have a slipcover?


We are getting it today. But, we didn’t like the Nightmare Before Christmas. Kinda thought it was creepy.


I may buy the LM if it is good. With NMBC you get a digital copy to download and it’s also on blu-ray.


My DD and I bought the new Little Mermaid today and then went right home to watch it. I thought it was pretty cute. My DD like seeing Ariel as a little girl.Of course, it’s not as good as the original but I still liked it!


I was thinking of getting this one. It looked cute. I’m not sure about Nightmare before christmas. I know my two nieces liked it. I might buy it for them for one of their birthdays.


I’m waiting to get mine from Netflix as well; it should be arriving tomorrow. I just love :wub: Little Mermaid so I have high expectations from this!!


I will definitely be getting LM SOON!!! DD can’t wait. She LOVES Ariel! :wub:


I thought I had read that Disney was doing away with direct-to-video sequels. Something about the sequels not being of the same quality (content-wise) and it was diminishing the prestige of the regular movies.

Maybe they just meant that they will not do as many as they had been doing.


I bought it for my Niece and we haven’t finished it yet.
But so far it’s great!


I’m still waiting for our from Netflix… it has has a “long wait” since it came out. Is it buy worthy? I’m thinking if it is, we should just go get it…


My DD too . . . she hasn’t spotted it in the store yet . …but when she does I know she’ll want it! :wub:


I am happy I did Netflix before buying. I didn’t like it…the old Sat. morning cartoon is better.