The Living Seas and Finding Nemo Sea Cabs opening


What parts of The Living Seas are currently open now and what is now closed? Also, does anyone know when the Finding Nemo Sea Cabs will finally open?


Good morning Kent, as of 3 weeks ago when I was last there the “lobby” was open where there is a little gift shop, “turtle talk with Crush” was open, and some aquariums. I have honestly heard no news about when the “cabs” will become operational but I hope soon! I thought someone here said in Fall?


The Sea with Nemo and Friends will open in “Fall 2006”. From what I’ve heard, October seems likely, possibly November.


what about the entrance in the living seas.:mickey:


I believe that will be the entrance to The Seas with Nemo and Friends. I’m not sure if the current entrance will stay the way it is or will go to exit only. But right now Disney is just re-doing the former entrance for the new ride as well as upgrading the sign with a much better splash effect.


thanks for the info coasterman2002:mickey:i can’t hardly wait.:cool:


I hope it is done by the time we get there in October!


I would say that there is a very good chance that “The Seas” will be open for your trip in October. If it’s not, I’ll be very, very surprised.


i can’t hardly wait our family are going to disney world this november.


now is this the whole
underwater ride…is that being repared…cause i thought ic losed down due to dmagae that couldn’t be reversed…but it’s disney so who knows