The living seas new name


this is from screamscape
Nemo’s Undersea Adventure / The Seas with Nemo & Friends
(7/20/06) Disney has announced to Cast Members that the entire “The Living Seas” pavilion will be renamed “The Seas with Nemo & Friends.” I believe the new ride itself will be named Nemo’s Undersea Adventure.


Wow, that is news. I didn’t think the whole place would get renamed.


Interesting. I do like Nemo, though, so I guess it’s fine with me.


I love it! Maybe I can help Dori find her way around! HAHA


i can’t wait for this one.:mickey:


I canont wait for this to open!! I really hope it is open by Dec. !!


i can’t wait for the newest name of the living seas. they will have a preshow in the new living seas.


Turtle Talk with Crush is one of the best new shows I’ve seen. Glad they are doing something with the Living Seas. Joe


i can’t wait for this to open and see the new Living seas name.


What’s next, Lightning McQueen’s Test Track!


Why not? I like that!!!:laugh:


When is the scheduled opening date?


i can’t wait to open soon. and see the new sign in the front in the “The Living Seas”.


Awesome. I am so excited about this one. Roll on my vacation!!!