The living with the land is reopening soon


i have great news from wdwmagic that the living with the land is going to be reopen soon. go to


thanks, cool website. didn’t know about it. added to my favorites :mickey:


thanks for info. I had a good look at the website. Looking forward to the re-opening.


THank you Jeany! I was bummed out when it was closed during our trip a few weeks back.


When, if ever will they reopen Body Wars?




i don’t know the reopening of Body Wars?


Never. That’s what I’ve heard from an insider anyway. That ride made me sick anyway! :blow: Hope they do put something cool there tho.


i think that living with the land will be great and new stuff.


I wonder if this will be open by this weekend… It better be, I like that ride.


I’ve never ridden Living with the Land. I’ve only been on Body Wars twice.
I’m pretty sure I heard Body Wars was closed for good too. I think that whole pavilion might be marked for extinction.


When Living with the Land re-opens,it will be with an automated commentary in the greenhouse-no more human guides!!!


I’ve talked to many a cast member who’s a guide during that ride, and most of them agree: They’re GLAD they’re not going to be guides anymore. Guess you can only talk about the Mickey-Shaped pumpkin growing soooooo many times before you bust.


True,but I love the human guides. I think it’s taking alot away from the ride to have an automatic voice rather than a live human person.


I went to hang out at Epcot today. Living with the Land is open! The voice guide wasn’t bad at all. It’s timed really well and allows for more of the plants to be talked about in a less amount of time. It’s a nice addition. I was happy.


rowdy the living with the land has still fast pass.


Well, they still had the dispense machines, but today the fastpass line wasn’t going. They may not need it anymore. The line was completely full when I got through and I got on less than 10 minutes when it would’ve normally taken 40 from the spot I started at.


thanks for the info Rowdy.


Cause everyone’s in line for Soarin’!


Not today they weren’t. 15 minute wait for me. My all time fave attraction only had a 15 minute wait!!! :biggrin: