The luggage tags have arrived!


That means its time to start packing right?!?:ohmy:

So I’m thinking if i do a ‘pre trip’ report, I will be more likely to do a Post trip report too!!!:laugh::laugh:

So, here goes…

Cast will be:
DGrammy (my mom)
DH (sometimes a partypooper!)

We will be visiting March 18-25 2009 & celebrating our 10 year anniversary while we are there.:heart: We also honeymooned in Disney.:wub:

We will be staying at All Star Movies in a preferred room, having taken advantage of the 4/3 special. We added ‘hopper’ to the ‘special’ and also added the QS dining plan.

So now our planning is deciding what parks to see what day. Epcot Flower & Garden Festival will be starting on the 19th, so we dont want to go to it the first day or over the weekend, thinking there will be TONS of people there for it those days.

We are planning around EMH, probably only taking advantage of the evening EMH’s. The only rope drop that we MUST see is MK. We saw the opening ceremony at AK in September and arent really interested in the others.

Off to Dgrammys house to do some planning today!!!


I love it when that package arrives. Have a great time on your 10th anniversary trip!


Hey! Wait a sec, we are going March 6-13th and we haven’t received our disney packet yet!! :frown:


:ohmy: We are going March 1-8 and got them more than a week ago. Better check. They had an arcade card in the pack and your other freebies.


:laugh: We’re staying at Pop too!!!


Are you using Magical Express or did you buy a package or book room only? If you don’t have a package or DME tags then you don’t get a packet. If you are using Magical Express and haven’t gotten your tags yet I would call since you are so close to your trip.


Ooooh that is the BEST mail you can possibly get! (Other than maybe a big fat check! :laugh:) I can’t wait to read more pre-trip report!


We are using ME. But even if we weren’t, wouldn’t we still get the usual vouchers that come with the MYW packages?


I would call and see what’s up. You’re close enough to your trip that you should have received them by now!