The Magic Begins


As if it wasn’t exciting enough to actually book my vacation this year, and receive the confirmation email, I have just today recieved my first piece of snail-mail from Disney…well, from the WD Travel Company: an invoice of my vacation package and a friendly reminder of when the rest of the payment is due. Now, I just look forward to receiving the thicker mail bundle in a few months that includes our airfare and Magical Express tags, and so on…


I love getting my paper work in the mail. It just makes it so much more real.


It is always exciting to get any kind of Disney mail but it is even better when it is for your vacation. Hopefully the days will go fast for you!


congrats. I love getting mail from WDW or about WDW…makes my day. Hope the wait goes quick for you. :mickey:


I love mail—except for bills…all mail…but it does make me giddy to see a light blue packet with my name on it in the mail!


Well, given the fact that our vacation isn’t until the last week in September…I’ll be impatiently biding my time.


I’m glad I’m not the only one.

How many here actually scan the mail EVERY DAY hoping that it’s something from Disney!

I love getting Disney mail.

I have one beef though. When I call, they KNOW that I’ve been there a bunch of times. Then WHY am I on the mailing list for people who’ve never been or who have only been once before???

Ahhh… if that’s the WORST thing I can say… must be pretty good.


We recieved our confirmation letter with all our names on it for our land/sea vacation this summer! Now we are waiting for our bundle that includes our special luggage tags, and we will really be excited!
It’s getting closer… :mickey:


SilentRascal, getting snail mail from the WD Travel Company is without a doubt the BEST mail you can receive! :biggrin: Makes me sooooo excited every time! I bet you were thrilled…


We (DW, DD and DS because I have AP) received our MYW tickets in the mail yesterday and boy did it bring the trip closer. The one problem, the credit-card-like tickets have Disney characters on them - DW’s has Donald and DD & DS’s have Minnie - and my 5-year-old DS was not too pleased with having a Minnie card. We quickly got around that by my explaining that the MYW pass is his ticket to get into the parks for 10 whole days and the character’s picture is not what matters, what matters is that this is your ticket to see any and every thing Disney for 10 magical days. That changed his attitude but knowing my son he would have preferred to have Aladar or Carnator as his MYW character picture. :wacko: :blink: :mickey:


It’s funny, my ticket from 2003 has Minnie Mouse on it too! Tell your 5 year old son that an Air Force technical seargent (me!) had Minnie on his ticket also, and that it’s A-OK!! :mickey: :mickey:

P. S. He gets to go to the front of your group!! :laugh:


Ok, this is cool, but a little strange…within the past 3-4 days (including yesterday), I’ve received 2 more envelopes in the mail from Disney Travel. One had a little pamphlet about travel insurance, and the one yesterday had that and reservation confirmation and airline ticket receipts (which I thought initially were our actual tickets). Bring on the larger packet with our luggage tags and the rest!


We got our Castaway Cay / Bahamas excursion booklet on Saturday, along with our confirmation of our wedding vows renewal package! We’re really getting excited now!!