The magic of Disney!


I have had a great Disney night so far and I am in Ohio, for pete’s sake!

My friends and their family (14 people in all) are visiting WDW as we speak…um, type! They are long time DVC members and spend a week in Naples every summer before switching over to Disney for another week. They have been at Disney for a couple days now and my DH and I just received a call from them to announce that our friend, Anne, just got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, who we simply adore. We are so excited. DH took the call, so of course I don’t have all the details yet, but I am so happy for them. Another Disney dream come true!

Tonight, I also saw a production of Disney High School Musical: On Stage! It was a total surprise that I was able see it. I am in Community Relations and Marketing and was at the theatre as a consultant to help promote the musical and other events when the theatre’s Director of Marketing and Communications asked if I would like to stick around for the show. It was awesome. They really found some extremely talented teens to fill out the cast.

All in all, it was a night filled with Disney magic!


Great story!! MEN . . . they never get the details!! :pinch:

I’m waiting for Disney to announce they are bringing that production to broadway . . . seems like a perfect fit!!

Glad you had a magical day!! :wub:


Aw that sounds like a wonderful day! :wub:

I want the details on that proposal…stat! :laugh:


Happy Disney night to you!! I’m happy for your friend’s engagement; what a magical moment that must have been!! And how lucky for you to have the opportunity to see the HSM production.


As soon as I get the details, I will post them here. And mickeysgirlz is right. HSM would be so much fun on Broadway.