The mail lady came to my door


…and had me sign for my DISNEY TICKET!!!

(That’s right, ONE ticket. I’m not poor, I’m ‘bohemian’! :blush: I do the best I can…)

I’m so surprised and thrilled at how FAST it was! I ordered the package through the Florida Hospital for Children’s donation page on Tuesday or Wednesday, and here it is! (Victoria, thanks SO MUCH for that link! This may be the only way I ever get my Disney tickets, as long as they continue this promotion. I love giving to a worthy cause, I feel like this paid for itself!)

2.5 years waiting, just two more weeks to go! Get ready for the Screever, EPCOT! :pirate:

My coworker talked me into getting a park ticket AND going solo; she’s VERY good, lol. (Was hoping my mom could come, but thats another story.) Even so, I’m finding ways to make this solo trip a little more interesting and fresh. I mentioned in another thread how I wanted to make little ‘finger puppets’ of a couple friends who haven’t been in a while/have never been, and take a photo/video journal of the park for THEIR benefit. (It may also keep me from being lonely, as long as people in the ques next to me don’t mind me talking to a miniature of my friend, haha. :laugh: ) At any rate, I’m really excited to ‘take’ my friends along, and I know they’ll love the surprise souvenir!

I’ve never received Disney tickets in the mail before, so I think I get it now when y’all talk about how it feels more “real” now. I’m really going!! I’m so excited, you guys!! :wub:


Whoohoo! That’s fantastic news! I really love your idea for taking finger puppets of your friends along. That will be very cute and I’m sure very appreciated by your friends. Have fun planning your day at Epcot! :happy"


Congrats. I cannot speak to making finger puppets, since my artistic abilities are questionable at best. But I know others have taken a toy or stuffed animal with them and posted it throughout their TR as they wandered the world. Sounds like fun.

I can speak to spending time in WDW by myself. I arrived once from a business trip a day before Pam and the kids came in. I am also the early bird in the house so may times I will just go to a park in the AM and meet up with everyone later. I always have a blast just wandering the world. I see so much more of the surroundings when traveling alone. And I always end up in conversations with others. It just seems to happen.

Take in the moment. So many times in todays hectic world we do not take time to smell the roses. Well… get out and find them. And don’t forget to take a pic with your friends next to them.


Oh you will have a ball! I would love to spend a day at Disney by myself. :slight_smile:


Congrats, enjoy it! Is this your first solo trip?


Yay!!! I’m so glad you get to go to Epcot, and I’m glad that the hospital donation worked for your trip! :happy:


Yes and no! I went to the parks solo all the time when I worked there…but somehow paying all that money for a ticket and going at it alone (after 8 yrs of sharing the magic with other people) I was a tad nervous about how I would manage and not be lonely or bored! I think I’m set though! =)

Totally workin. :heart: I hope they have that promotion around for a while!!

12 days!!!