The Mara @ AKL


I booked AKL for our Xmas trip, and I was just checking out all the pictures. I see that The Mara is the quick service dining at this resort. SO, has anyone eaten here? How is it? And is it sit and be served or counter service?

Thanks. :happy:


We ate there everytime we stayed at AKL & we also ate lunch there when we stayed at Kidani in June. It’s counter service & the food is hit or miss; the chicken is DELICIOUS but the African Stew was a little weird. I think I ended up trading entrees with Daniel last time 'cause I liked his better. The flat bread pizzas are good & there are A LOT of options in the refrigerator section; zebras domes & desserts, salads, lots of drinks, etc.

The seating area is big compared to some other resort counter service spots I’ve been in & we were never left waiting for a table or chairs. There’s a pretty big condiment bars for the sandwiches/burgers & fountain drink machines.

I also remember a small fresh bakery stand in the Mara with cookies & other baked goods for snacks.


Mara is counter service, you order, they give you a buzzer, you pay and then you pick-up. I have been at all times of the day and there is plenty of seating inside and probably about 8 tables outside. The butternut squash soup is delicious. I go to AKL even when not staying there for the soup and to watch the animals. You can even get the soup as a snack option. After you try it and can’t live without it, the recipe is on allearsnet. (it’s the one that has been updated)


Its actually a pretty nice counter service, plenty of tables, good choices.

And, oh my goodnesss! I am jealous that you are staying at AKL for Christmas! But extremely pleased and happy for you as well. :slight_smile:


It’s pretty much your standard Disney hotel CS as far as service and refer (cold) selection. Most of the hotels have been really beefing up their cold offerings and they’ve got zebra domes to go at Mara. Large seating area. Some interesting stuff on the hot menu.


I adore The Mara! It has some of the nicest Cast Members on property, two of which we have become very good friends with! The food is lovely, and you can still get your standard burgers and chicken strips etc. The do a lovely cheese panini and, if you ask, they also do the large pizzas (these are never mentioned on the menu’s, but they do do them!). The are ber accomodating and will mix and match meals for you (Like if you just want the chicken breast and a side salad or chips, they will do that). They do have a bakery section with some lovely cookies and muffins and croissants. The fridge area offers a wide variety of salads, fruits, desserts etc and you can never go wrong with Zebra Domes YUM!. Condiments bar is ok and usually well stocked, there are some pretty tasty crackers on there that I always fill my bag with for a day at the parks!


This from a yr ago, but we had the flatbread pizza and to us it’s just not pizza. I felt like I was eating sauce on a cracker. Then we saw a “real” pizza. I asked about it. I was told it’s a room service item, but you can order it at Mara. I don’t understand why they don’t have it as a menu item.

Once we were there and it was busy The one thing I didn’t like was another family was getting several items, and they were given one item (say chicken fingers and fries) but then had to wait and wait for the other things. I can’t believe the first item wasn’t cold by the time they ate.


[QUOTE=lovemysons;982620]Its actually a pretty nice counter service, plenty of tables, good choices.

And, oh my goodnesss! I am jealous that you are staying at AKL for Christmas! But extremely pleased and happy for you as well. :)[/QUOTE]

I know, me too! :wub: Total splurge—it’s a short trip just 4 nights, but our passes expire on the 20th, and I think I’m just going to get seasonals again, rather then annuals. (I can always upgrade) So I thought what the hay, go for it. (I got a good passholder rate too!)

THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO EVERYONE!!! :heart: Can’t wait to check it out and give it a try! :happy:


AKL is our fav resort and so excited to stay at AKV this time. Cannot wait. Anyway, Mara is one of the best food courts I’ve been to on property and I love the chicken ceasar salad and I am normally extremely picky about chicken and even I love it.


We stayed at AKL last summer and ate at The Mara almost everyday. We enjoyed it, all of the food was good and we never really had any trouble finding a table. It is counter service, you walk up and order then take your food to the register to pay. I think you will enjoy it.


We ate there on our last trip so we could have Zebra Domes. SO worth the trip from CBR! YUM. The food was just typical CS fare. I had fried shrimp and fries and I think DH had chicken strips with fries. The Zebra Domes are so yummy though and they counted as a dessert in the CS credit. I’ll go find the pics of them and post…



Zebra Domes

Inside of Zebra Domes