The math is hurting my head


I am sure someone has already worked this out.

We’ve been using annual passes for the past 3 years - purchased with the DVC discount. Our passes expire at the end of this month - but we will be using them for the Thanksgiving trip. :laugh:

Next year we are returning in March for 6 days, but probably not again in 2008. What is the best buy? Do we renew the passes at the member price and keep that option open? Do we let the passes expire and purchase a 10 day non-expiring ticket. It will cover 2008 and some of a yet-to-be-planned 2009 trip. We can purchase an annual pass again sometime in the future. Annual pass discounts are nice, though we also get some discounts through DVC.


PS - it is for 2 adults and 2 children…


Definately do the 10 non-expire. We did the 10 non-expire with waterparks and more. It lasted us 3 years before. However its 6 of us (2 adults/4kids) and we usually do disney 3/4 days and then the beach.



Compare apples to apples, see how much it would cost you for a 6 day pass, don’t buy the no expiry date option and compare this to your annual pass charge since you will only be able to use it for only six days before it expires.

Alternatively, see what you can get for the amount of your annual pass and compare this to the 6 day use.

Good luck,



You really need to do the math :laugh: sorry. I have to see how many trips I can get out of an AP for the cost. Our current pass we will be able to get three trips out of it. If I am only going to be able to get one trip it is cheaper to get MYW tickets.


Thanks for the thoughts. I think we will let our annual passes expire and purchase 6 day non-expiring hoppers in March 08. The passes run December to December and there won’t likely be a trip next Fall. :angry:

Once we get back on schedule, we will pick up the passes again.