The maybe I can finally finish a trip-report TR


… will go here

Who…my sister and myself
When Feb 18-21
Where SSR studio (Grandstand…Room 8123) We went on my developer’s points

Some FYIs… since my sister decided to come last minute we went on separate flights on separate airlines (me on Airtran and her on Jetblue)

Some headlines…they really do arrest people for smoking in the airplane bathrooms… who knew de-icer is orange… rotaviruses :blow: … and my all-time mind boggler… who would’ve guessed you could go to WDW for 4 days and only go on 2 rides!

I’ll begin tomorrow…


WHAAAA?? Do tell- this sounds interesting!


You are going to make us wait!?!?!?? Come on give us somethin’ more!! :blink:


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Sorry folks… I’ve been sick all week (part of the story) and tomorrow is my first day back at work so I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll be somewhat ready to go in the morning. But I will start tomorrow… promise


Yay!! Another TR, I cant wait!


OK! Since you are sick and all! :pinch:

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Hope you feel better soon! :heart: I must say I am very intrigued to hear all about your trip, it sounds unusual! :happy: Hope it was okay even though you were sick. :sad:


Can’t wait to hear about your trip!! Hope you feel better soon!


Oh dear, only two rides?!

Hope you are feeling better.:flowers:


Okay…so here we goooooo… (in voice of Peter Pan)

Like I mentioned in the first post, my sister and I were on two flights on two airlines. Because she bought MYW tickets she wanted to get 3 full park days in. I have an AP so I’m less concerned about that. Her flight was to land at 10:30am while mine wasn’t scheduled to leave until 2pm.

Now the night before apparently my sister was working late, very late so she ended up with no sleep. Me…as of the night before, I hadn’t yet started packing… I don’t think I even got my suitcases out. Now this is odd for me and should been a warning but I kept chalking it up to not knowing what to bring b/c of the weather forecast changing while we were there. Oh well, water under the bridge.

Day of flight, I pack…I’ve got short sleevers, long sleeves, shorts, capris, and long pants. I mean I was ready for anything. I drive to my parents house, drop my car off and they drive me to HPN (White Plains). If you’ve been to HPN you know it’s small but there’s definitely not alot of room to maneuver your suitcase.

Anyway, I manage to get to Airtran counter (I’ve already checked-in online the night before and for $69 upgraded myself to business class), so all I’ve got to do is check my bag in. Now since I upgraded they didn’t charge me for the baggage, but I asked to prepay them for my return. They said ‘no problem’. I hand over my cc they charge it $15. No receipt…huh? I’m told their printer isn’t working but if I go to the counter where the gates are they can do it there or they can do it when I get to MCO. Okay. I get through security and go to the counter. I’m told a story… I’ll save you the details. One person says they’ll bring me a receipt (they never do). Another person says the receipt will just show a charge was made for $15. But she did say that it was under my flight confirmation number…okay, I can use this when I come back… (stayed tuned).

I’m sitting around waiting, my phone goes off and it’s my sister. She’s on ME getting towards SSE and she wants to know where I am. Um…waiting for my plane?! (As if I could answer the phone in the air?!) That’s when I notice it’s starting to snow. Oh geez. It’s 1pm and I’m hoping that I’ll make it out of there. Naturally, the inbound plane is late (20 min) but no sooner do they touch down and unload, they start lining us up. The only problem…the people getting off the plane were going slower than HPN had hoped. They made us wait in the breezeway (unheated mind you) while everyone (including people who had to be helped off in wheelchairs) got off. I’m tell ya I could see me breath out there.

We get on the plane and I strap myself in (and now I"m ready to go…I’ve had it with the snow and cold) That’s when we’re told the plane is going to be de-iced. Okay, can’t argue with that. If you’ve never been on a plane when it’s being sprayed let me tell you a few things. One the stuff is orange and two it stinks. And even with the doors closed you can smell it and the smell sticks around for the flight. But with that said, the stuff (propylene glycol… it says it on the truck) does its job. Any snowflakes that touch it instantly disappear. Whereas the flakes that don’t land on it stick around.

Anyway, they spray the body of the plane once and wings twice and then we line up to take off. I think we were about 5th in line and I was really worried that they’d have to de-ice us again. But we took off and zoomed through the clouds/snow. I mean zoooom. I’ve never felt the pressure pushing me down into my seat during a take-off like I did that day. Obviously it was to get through the storm area and once we popped up through the clouds it was like a whole 'nuther world up there. (I took pictures to entertain myself).

Surprisingly even though we were flying through states that were storming we had no turbulance. Basically we were flying over all that stuff which was cool. Now, I hate flying and considering how often I fly I know that sounds pretty silly but it’s true. I suddenly get temporary ADHD when I’m strapped into a plane. So I listen to my ipod, try figuring out how many songs it’ll take to get through the flight, and hope I don’t lose my mind.

Luckily I was also pretty tired so I was dozing and this is when I smelled smoke. You have to understand my aunt was a smoker (she died from lung cancer) and right around the time of her diagnosis I got a really respiratory infection. Combining those two things makes me super sensitive to smoke. This means I can smell it after someone has left the area, I can smell it on peoples close, etc. So while dozing I smelled smoke. Now I was sitting in seat 1A which was right up in front near the bathroom (which was a revolving door this flight). So I just chalked the smoke smell to someone who had it on their clothes… because after all no one would be stupid enough to smoke on a plane… I mean federal offense…all those warning signs…fines/potential jail…right?

Well, we land (already 25 min late). Everyone gets up starts getting their stuff. The door opens, I turn around and there is an uniformed officer with a side arm walking in who I hear telling the flight attendance to get everyone back in their seats. And they mean everyone! You have to get in your seat and clear the main aisle. So everyone who had pulled out their suitcases were stuffing back away while this officer and an Airtran official walked down the aisle with the flight attendant.

While this is going on I ask the lady sitting next to me if she smelled smoke. She said she smelled something on a guy who went to use the bathroom. As she’s telling me this. The Airtran official and the officer are coming back and in between then is a guy (which the lady next to me said was the same guy she smelled smoke on) clutching all his stuff.

So… I ask you… did he really think he wouldn’t be caught? The other thing I wondered… how did he get cigarettes and matches/lighter on the plane? I thought at the very least the lighter/matches weren’t allowed at all in the cabin… am I wrong about this?

By this point I"ve lost track of how late the flight was (it was supposed to arrive at 4:45pm), so I booked it to the airport restroom and then ran to ME to luckily be put on a waiting bus… Now I’m trying to look at all the bright sides…1) I beat the snow 2) Orlando was warm 3) I was going to WDW 4) I was on terra firma.

Now I just had to find a way to quickly get a MK bus, find my sister and meet the fairies and find some dinner (last time I ate this day was in the morning) all before MK closed at 10pm…

Okay, I’m going to take a little break and then I’ll be back finishing day 1, which will include my happy adventures (and I mean this sincerely) at the MK. Please feel free to chat amongst yourself…


Wow I can’t believe that guy was so stupid!! :eek: :laugh: I bet that was pretty gratifying seeing him hauled off like that…

Okay I am anxiously awaiting your MK adventures! :happy:


Wow what an idiot.
I used to smoke - chain smoke- but even on international flights, when they still let you smoke, I would not touch a cigarette. So rude to the other passengers :dry:

But what excitement. Now, what’s this with only 2 rides :blink:


I cannot believe he smoked on the plane…what an idiot!! Yes, you can take both lighters and matches on a plane now.


Lighters and matches? That doesn’t sound right or is it just me. Scary!!


Wow, I would’ve thought that since 9/11 they wouldn’t allow them…or has that changed more recently when they started allowing more stuff?

Oh well… I agree with everyone. He was an idiot. And I have to say. I was the first one off the plane and there was no sign of them. They swept that guy up into the black hole of the airport.


Where I left off…on ME bus. First stop was OKW and then SSR. If it wasn’t already getting dark and if I had a better idea of OKW layout I wouldve gotten off at that stop. I probably shouldve risked it but hindsight is 20-20. I stayed on ME until we got to SSR and then ran over to the Springs bus stuff, which for those that dont know is the last one out of the resort. Unfortunately I had just missed the MK bus…grrr… This meant I had a wait, a long one at that, with my sister constantly text messaging me to ask where I was.

Now funny thing in all of this is that she had about 5 hours already in the parks and what has she been doing all this time? Not going on any rides apparently (nope not a one). She’s been doing her part to stimulate the economy. Yup thats right all shes been doing is shopping and eating 3 hotdogs… but as she tells me that was ok because she used only 2 snack credits (paid for 1) and she’s got 10 left. Yeah, yum, sis…that’s credits for BOTH of us not just us (did she really think she had to eat 12 counter services meals?) LOL

Eventually a bus arrives and it’s already getting dark but I make it to the MK and meet up with my sister by the train station. Not sure what time it is but they’re setting up for a parade so instead of eating (or getting something to drink) I get the idea to go meet the fairies, which was one of my must dos for this trip. So we rush to Toon town and get in line.

I think the line wait time was something like 60-70 minutes and it wasn’t really moving. But I wasnt budging because since I was 3 years old (my first trip to WDW), Ive always wanted to meet Tink. We actually had a cat named Tinkerbell when I was a child. As we’re in line my sister and I start chatting (what else is there to do right?)

We watch kids get out of line, go in the princess line, meet the princess and come back in our line. In that time we only go 6 feet. But hey we’re in WDW. Unfortunately, I’m also walking on an old ankle fracture (without wearing my brace) and my sister is starting to get queasy. We chalk her queasiness up to the hotdogs and I just deal. Still in line my sister starts getting a pained look on her face. Before I can ask what’s wrong or what I can do, the woman standing behind me makes some comment to my sister. Apparently she thinks my sister is annoyed at the kids coming back in line and she tells my sister that if my sister had been here before she’d know that this is what people do. Okay…who the heck is this woman and why the heck does she think she can butt into other people’s business? My sister, not known for having a spine, turns to the woman and gives her what for. In the process she tells her that yes she’s been to WDW MANY times and she knows how things are done … now most people would’ve gone back to their own business but not his woman. We had about 12 feet to the front of the line and for 8 feet she continued harassing us about the fairies, how much longer til we meet them, and how things are done. Are you kidding me? Finally her own daughter turned to her and said to leave us alone.

Thankfully we were taken in and given the bracelet type photopass card (which I love) and lead into the corridor where you shrink. I have to say the Imagineers did a great job with pixie hollow. When we’re lead into the room I understood why the line was taking so long… they were down a pixie. We only got to see Iridessa and Tink. There were already 2 families there so we were told to stand by a snow covered tree. So I’m looking at the paintings and I point to something on the tree (don’t even remember what) when Iridessa comes over. I have to say that Iridessa is my new favorite fairy. She comes over and asks if I found the hidden Mickey? Well no, didn’t even notice it (which is something b/c Ive made whole trips out of finding hidden Mickeys). So she shows it to me and then proceeds to show me all the hidden Mickeys in the room. We take alot of pictures (her photopass guy was great) and then we move onto Tink.

I think it was Wishy who said that meeting Tink at Disney was a little bit of a let down and I hate to say that I kinda felt the same way. It wasn’t that Tink wasn’t nice or anything like that but I think when you build up someone/something and they’re not exactly how you pictured, you’re let down. Which is why I think Iridessa was so memorable. I didnt have high expectations of her and she went out of her way and pegged me for someone who liked to find hidden Mickeys (my sisters words).

We left the fairies and my sister needed a rest, which was find with me. Unfortunately I dropped the cute photopass bracelet (but noticed it was missing in time to be able to reclaim it where I left it). We made some pressed pennies, left Toon town, and headed into Fantasy land. It was dark and they were prepping for Wishes so the back of the castle area was blocked off. Since I was hungry and VERY thirsty we thought to try Pinocchios but I think theyve changed the menu bc the Italian sandwich is gone and all they have is pizza and chicken strips. Neither I wanted. I suggested Columbia Harbour House but my sister isnt into tuna. I asked about Pecos Bills but my sister said there was a note on the door that it was closed (can you believe that?), which is how she ended up eating hotdogs earlier. We round the bend and take a look at the HM and there was only a 10 min line… I look at my sister. She looks and me. Who needs food anyway?

Ride 1 of 2 HM… my sister hadnt been on it since the reno, so she spent alot of time deciding what was new. For some reason both my mom and my sister think the part where you go backwards is new when its been there since like forever. Silly people. The group we were loaded with were a bunch of teens so my sister and I had fun, howling in the dark and goofing around.

By the time we got off HM Spectromagic was going through and we were hungry. So we stopped off at Liberty Tree to see if we could be seated. Well Ive never seen the lobby so dead. I know it was late but it was empty. I almost laughed when they gave me the buzzer which rang almost as we sat down. We had a table by the kitchen and an excellet waiter.

My sister was wearing her bday pin so they put confetti on the table. We ordered the glowing Tink drinks (raspberry lemonade). Our waiter got to talking to us about the good ole days of the characters. He said the place has been empty like this and now they no longer sing or do anything special like they used to. Because we were so devote to the LT character meal he gave us our drinks free and brought refills which was super nice…he also told us the following

He told us to write about wanting the characters back (I told him we already tried writing and signing petitions). He told me that when I got home to write again because things have been so slow at dinner the powers that be were thinking of bringing the characters back in the spring/summer to see if that would improve things.

Now I dont know how reliable this is but Im going to write…it couldnt hurt.

After dinner, we were both tired. It was after 9:30, so we started to head to the front of the park. I stopped at the Emporium to get my 2009 hoodie and just as I was leaving the second Spectromagic parade was coming through. We stayed, took pictures, and then headed out to the buses.

We stopped off at the Springs (by this point it was 10:30) and went to Artists Point to get our refillable mugs. By this point my sister was looking pale, we headed to our room. Luckily everything was fine. We go the studio in Grandstand like I requested. Room 8123 is the first floor, right in the middle of the building (the one near the pool). We made the fold out couch for my sister and I got the regular bed. After checkin in with my parents, icing my foot, and watching the Top 7 we fell asleep.


I hate to say it, but some people turn downright CRAZY when they’re in Disney. :dry: :mad: :angry: I can’t believe that woman, harassing you like that! She should have just left it when she realized your sister wasn’t angry about her children ducking back in line. (Actually, she shouldn’t have said anything in the first place no matter what!)

Wow I still can’t believe you only did 2 rides the whole trip! :eek: That is still boggling my mind.

Can’t wait to hear more!!


[QUOTE=dznygrl;939313]I hate to say it, but some people turn downright CRAZY when they’re in Disney. :dry: :mad: :angry: I can’t believe that woman, harassing you like that! She should have just left it when she realized your sister wasn’t angry about her children ducking back in line. (Actually, she shouldn’t have said anything in the first place no matter what!)

Wow I still can’t believe you only did 2 rides the whole trip! :eek: That is still boggling my mind.

Can’t wait to hear more!![/QUOTE]

The stupid part was they weren’t even her kids. She was behind us. The kids were several families in front of us.

I’ll post day 1 photos tomorrow and then continue with the story.


[QUOTE=zefyr;939314]The stupid part was they weren’t even her kids. She was behind us. The kids were several families in front of us.

I’ll post day 1 photos tomorrow and then continue with the story.[/QUOTE]

Oh wow I read that wrong. That makes it even MORE ridiculous! :blink: Clearly that lady just needed to pick a fight to fill her quota for the day or something. :dry: