The Moms Panel answered my question!


Remember when I was asking you all about the trolley show in MK? Well, right after posting here, I figured I would try the Moms Panel on the WDW site (even though I know they can’t answer everyone’s questions because of the number they get every day) and guess what? They answered with times and everything. Here is the answer she gave…

Moms Panel | Walt Disney World Resort * Hi there, When my family was at Magic Kingdom in 2005 we saw a show on Mainstreet, USA where men and women got off the Trolley and did a musical number. Is this show still there, and if so, are there specific t

I’m Chris from MN since I asked it under my husbands login. Tee-Hee…I feel famous :happy:


Awh that was really helpful! Thank you!

However, it got the song stuck in my head! :laugh:


I can’t stop singing that song now lol!