The Most Depressing Ride at Walt Disney World


Any guesses ???:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

YouTube - ‪The Most Depressing Ride at Walt Disney World‬‏


Have to agree. That is one sad ride.:crying: Odd, isn’t it, that the shuttle going in the OPPOSITE direction is the happiest ride! "Welcome to Orlando!..


I was going to say tomorrowland speedway, with all the noise and fumes.


I love the ‘welcome to Orlando’ but hate the going home one :frowning:


I always ask myself, after having done both the east coast and west coast speedways once each, "Why the heck am I going to waste my time driving something with a lawnmower engine that barely goes faster than a trot when I just finished a 3 hour drive at 75 MPH? For that matter, I drive faster than these cars just driving from WL to GF for breakfast:laugh:


Ask my son, and the “racecars” are the best ride there… I guess everyone has a different perspective.


The most depressing ride for me is still the Magical Express bus leaving your resort to head to MCO.


Completely agree… if it weren’t for my daughter’s face lighting up when she is “driving herself” I would be crashing my car back and forth into the center rail as hard as I can until it comes off, runs into the wall/grass, and burst into flames just so I could see one of the cars in the ride perish and never be driven again…

Otherwise, the Stitch ride is the worst thing in alllll of the world…


Lol ~ cute video. I used to feel that way ~ now when I take that shuttle, it means I’m going on vacation…


I find the most depressing ride is what ever park we are in the night before we leave, walking out of the park and onto the bus, tram or monorail heading back to the resort to pack everything up. I usually start crying when I have to get the suitcases out.


I agree, LOVE that shuttle ride on the way in, but it’s definitely depressing on the way back! Especially since I’m a teacher and we often go in August, going back also means going back to work and starting school again. Ugh!


For me it’s the drive away from whatever vacation spot, or get away from it all spot we are leaving…seeing it in the rear-view and knowing it’s back to reality, responsibility, obligations and all that!!!


Yes, you got it right, THAT’S the most depressing!


This is really mean, but after getting off the (Welcome to Orlando!) arrival shuttle I like seeing all the passengers waiting to board to go home with all their park bags and shiny white sneakers and of course I’m just arriving- they look so sad, and me? I’m over the moon to just be in America.


:heart: Post of the day! :heart:


Oh so true and to think it will be me in a week or so with others arriving to begin their vacation!


The minute the wheels lift off the ground from the runway in Orlando … That’s when it sinks in … ( Sniff, Sniff )


How do you get away w/it? Every time I start asking myself questions, the guys in the pretty white coats show up.


I’ve heard it’s when you start answering your own questions … That’s when they’re calling for the straight jacket … Just Saying :pirate:


Your problem is you can’t control your inner monologue.
I can:laugh: