The most super fantabulous ginormous TR Ever!


We leave tomorrow!!! I still need to pack, but I hope I can sleep. I’ll update you all as soon as I can.

Au Revoir,
& Leliz


have a great time. Can’t wait to read your super fantabulous trip report :cool:


How, um, long are y’all gonna be there? :confused:

I fly into LAX on the afternoon of the 30th… :pirate:


me too! me too! :laugh:


Have a wonderful trip!


Give our regards to Mick. enjoy!


Have a great trip!


Yay for you Goofballorama!!! Say hello to Belle for me! remember? Belle is my sister, Pooh bear is my best friend, buzzlightyear is my boyfriend, and Mater is my therapist! (and off disney its Mary is my sister Dickon is my boyfriend, colin is my best friend and Lily is my mom, oh yeah, and i got the secret garden soundtrack happy huh? i wish i could find an audition for that…) well ill stop babbling now, have fun!
<3/ RDOR


Oh yeah and i found an audition for Les Miz in New York!!!


Have a safe and magical trip.


Sooooooo…after…how long has it been? I am ready to finally write my super fantabulous ginormous TR, after I converse w/ Turnwrench.


Welcome back, and we can’t wait for you to get started!



Welcome Back


Can’t wait!!! Hope you are having fun!


Oh Goofball- where are you?


Sorry I’m so late guys. The life of a teenager is hectic, I know.



Turnwrench- 78? Who knows :laugh:
Leliz- 13
Myself- My age? I don’t hand out personal
information to strangers :laugh:
Spencer- No, that is not his name, and no,
I don’t know how I came up with that
KT- 16? 17? Who knows?
Seniorita- 13

Day 1

So. This was the 27th of October. We woke up at 5ish and packed and went to pick up Leliz (who lives down the street) and headed off to Sl Intl. We flew to LBA (which is more of a shop than an airport it was so small), we picked up the car and drove to Anaheim. We checked in, I called home (pathetic, I know) and our room wasn’t ready yet (big shocker) so we put our bags in storage and went to Disneyland.

The only ride I can really remember was the canoes. We were bookin’ it. We passed the boat in front of us pretty early on. (And Leliz and Turnwrench accused me of stopping rowing)

Turnwrench’s friend Spencer (who knows how I came up with that) was there with his nephew KT so we went to the hungry bear and ate lunch with them. After that Turnwrench left to take a nap in the hotel, so Leliz and I went to CA and rode Girzzly. There was a girl who looked about 14 and her 9 or 10 year old cousin in our raft and the girl was swearing up a storm, and the boy thought it was histerical when he screamed at the top of his lungs. After that we went and saw Muppets and rode Monsters.

Don’t you love how I don’t forget things?

We started walking over to Paradise Pier to ride Screamin’, but Leliz decided she wanted to ride Star Tours instead.


:laugh: oh sure you’ll finish al…


What happened??? I am trying to calm myself for my trip by reading these…


Well, sorry that we missed each other…

But I didn’t get to Disneyland until the 2nd…

Did you get on the Finding Nemo ride?


That’s it!!! :blink: :eek: You’re gunna leave me hanging like that??? Not cool! I need some more super fantabulous ginormous trip report~! :laugh: