The New Castle Show


Due to an overwhelming amount of Private Messages I’ve gotten on the matter, I’ll say what I can about the new show.

There’s a new show in development that much is true. I know nothing of the plot or what to expect. But what I can and am allowed to tell you is that it’s gonna feature Mickey and the Gang again!!! The show’s start day has not been told to me. Due to the NUMEROUS brand new upcoming shows for MK there’s no telling when rehearsals for the new show will begin. But I’m personally hoping for a show in October. That’s all I have and all I am allowed to tell. When new non-secret info is released I’ll be the first to post it.


Thanks for the info RR!


RR what is going to happen to the decoration on the castle. I was told that they are going to start taking them down soon.


Thank you, Rowdy!!! You’re so awesome!


your awesome too Erin. the new castle show will be great and i can’t wait.


Yeah you’re pretty awesome yourself ya know?


That’s true for sure. Course, they’ll stay up till the Happiest Celebration is over.


Rowdy You are the coolest awesome guy.


Oh please, what about you and your coolness? :biggrin:


Rowdy Because you look just like the Late Charles Miller.


Thanks Rowdy! I love your secrets!

Quick question, I was wondering, where do they usually rehearse stage shows? Obviously, when parks are busy and running in peak season hours, I would imagine they don’t get a lot of “on set” time, so there has to be someplace else? Then are there “dress rehearsals” of sorts when the park is closed to the public?

Just one of those things I pondered!


i can’t wait for this.


I read somewhere the new show will have a villain. Anyone know about that??


Sorry hon that’s for CMs to know and the guests to wonder.

Sorry that’s classified :biggrin:


[QUOTE=RowdyRAider]Sorry hon that’s for CMs to know and the guests to wonder.

Sorry RR! I wasn’t looking for details, just wondering if there are stages set up in other places where they rehearse, or just a studio. I understand though, it’s all part of the magic!:wub:


New Castle Show - The new Mickey/Dream Castle Show is a high energy, musical revue that features the World Famous Walt Disney Characters and six dancers in a fun-filled, dream-inspired celebration in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Seeking three full-time male and three full-time female dancers as well as substitute performers.


Cool… :eek: I can’t wait!!


When will that be?


i hope that Mickey/Dream castle show will be a great name for a new castle show.


Thanks for the info Rowdy. Nice to know someone in the “know”, but who still keeps the magic a secret!