The new Crystal Palace


Did you hear? The Crystal Palace, after refurbishment, features a

“live - onstage kitchen”

That sounds great to me. I hope that some of the members that will be dining there will take pictures for us to see


From what I remember that’s always been there . . . ?? Maybe I’m confusing this with somewhere else, but I remember behind the buffet being able to see the chefs at work? (correct me if I’m wrong) :confused:


still a character meal?


I was only at CP once and don’t remember. That would be interesting. I’ll have to investigate. I planned to put CP on our dining list for December.


The “old” Crystal Palace had a partial on stage kitchen.
The grill and rotisserie are on stage, as is the carving station.
Of course, the bulk of the kitchen area was taken up by the actual buffets.
I suppose they could break down the back wall and open up the kitchen for full viewing like Boma, but why?

And it had better still be a character meal!


I shall check it out in 14 days and report back.


I noticed some things came off the menu too. I would like to see some pictures though!


Very good! Pictures too please.


I love the Open Kitchen idea - but I really don’t know why they’d do it in a restaurant like Crystal Palace. The place is chaotic enough.


But that’s not how I looked at that. You are right, they always had chefs there preparing omelets, eggs and other things. I read that to mean that they took out walls and now we can see it alllllllll :laugh::laugh:


I’ll post some pictures when we return, unless someone beats me to it!


Even if someone is posting sooner than you could, post away, you know how much we love pictures of our favorite place


SO EXCITED!!! I’ll be there in August for breakfast and will take MANY PICS!


Ok that’s good news. And then don’t forget to post them :laugh:


This has always been one of our favorite restaurants for a lot of odd reasons so it is a “Townsend-Must” but Soundgod is right, there is A LOT of chaos, a LOT of people, but the food is generally great. Yes, the kitchen was always partially onstage, so I am asking the same question “why”? I will take some pix on May 29, that is our first reservation this year.


I don’t really want to see people making my food. I mean, it’s cool if they do, but I don’t really care… as long as there’s food! :laugh:

I’m sure it will still be a character meal because LTT with characters was only a temmporary fixture.


don’t forget to come here and post them :biggrin:


I will actually be there this weekend on Sunday. I will gladly give a report and take some photos and post it all here. I’ll be there for breakfast so hopefully someone will be there for dinner soon and get a different perspective.


that’s fantastic. Thank you, I cannot wait.


Looking forward to hearing more info on this. Post pics soon please.