The New DCA


I haven’t been able to go to DCA since the reopening. Please tell me what you like/dislike about it. :confused:


Everything is a great improvement.

Buena Vista Street is beautiful, but lacks the energy and charm of Main Street. I’m not sure what the solution there is. Still, it’s much better than before, and well-done. It feels a little closed in to me.

The Little Mermaid attraction is a really wonderful dark ride. maybe the best dark ride, but it’s still a dark ride.

Cars Land… it’s so hard for me to describe this and do it justice. It’s as if the movie Cars was filmed instead of animated and this is the town of Radiator Springs where they did it. It’s that perfect. And Radiator Springs Racers is a LOT of fun, similar in idea to Test Track but completely different in theme and execution.