The "new" Haunted Mansion


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Here’s what I just read on the official Disney site:

“Eek”-Streme Makeover

Behind the screams of the creepy new touches at The Haunted Mansion

“When hinges creak in doorless chambers
and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls,
Whenever candlelights flicker and the air is deathly still,
That is the time ghosts are present,
Practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.”

These eerie words of the Ghost Host are like poetry to the millions who consider The Haunted Mansion one of their all-time favorite Walt Disney World® attractions. This fun-and-frightful landmark is a genuine classic with so many clever effects and superb details, it never fails to amaze and mystify. And yet, come this fall, a few strange things will have occurred—wondrous things that only add to the overall magic, always reverently faithful to the original vision.

One of the things that you’ll notice will be astonishing new digital audio effects, using some of the newest technology. “We have taken this new technology and incorporated it into The Haunted Mansion, always careful to maintain the integrity of the original show for all its many fans,” Walt Disney Imagineering Principle Media Designer Joe Herrington told us. “Everything they’ve loved is there, but we’ve added to it to make it an even more incredible show.”

“Could it be that these walls are actually stretching?”

“There are certain things that are sacred territory, like the Ghost Host,” he continued. “But in the past, his voice just plunked around the room. We’ve gone a lot further now. Now he has the power to float around you and the other Guests.” (Sometimes he can get creepily close!)

“Now once we got our friend the Ghost Host floating around the room just like a real ghost in an extremely believable way, we decided to bring the little gargoyles to life and let them have fun as well,” said Joe. “We put a few bats in there and let them fly around and a few other things too. So now we have more of an ambiance, a texture.”

The Imagineers were so dedicated to getting the sound quality perfect, they actually built a full-scale replica of the Stretch Room in their Glendale, California, studios for meticulous testing. Joe assured us that the results were definitely worth the effort. “It’s a very noticeable difference, like night and day.”

“Wall-to-wall creeps, hot and cold running chills…”

While the Stretch Room is the prime showcase for this new sound technology, a similar effect of a floating Ghost Host is replicated as soon as you climb aboard your “doom buggy” to tour the upstairs hallways, ballroom, attic and graveyard. And as you explore, you may spot some other unnerving sights in addition to the classic scenes. You never know what might materialize! (Look for more in a special video in the October issue of this newsletter.)

Voice actor royalty retain their thrones

The bride adds the only new voice to The Haunted Mansion; all the original ghostly voices will still be there to chill you. The Ghost Host narration—acclaimed as one of the finest vocal performances in any medium—remains the domain of Disney Legend Paul Frees, whose many other roles include Boris on Rocky and Bullwinkle.

And speaking of mediums, continuing as Madame Leota’s voice will be Eleanor Audley, who also voiced Lady Tremaine in Cinderella and Malificent in Sleeping Beauty. And thanks to state-of-the-art sound, their voices and all the other atmospheric effects will sound even better—or worse, depending on your point of view—than ever.

We don’t know about you, but we’re just dying to float over to the Magic Kingdom® Park this fall to see and hear it all!


That’s awesome. I hope this fixes the sound sytem for good; last few times I went, the Ghost Host was horrible loud and scratchy right in our ears.


Thanks for the update ~ it’s too bad HM will be closed while I’m there, but more to look forward too in Feb!


Is it up and running already? Will it be open the end of the month? Just checked the site and looks like it will not be down aug or sep.


I remember finding this on the Disney site about a week ago but cannot find it now:

“he Haunted Mansion : Closed for Refurbishment [August 3, 2007 to August 31, 2007]”


Is the new bride the same new bride they got in DL? If so, I think she looks terrific! Secretly, I always thought the old bride was not as cool as the other stuff in the mansion.


I hope so too… DL has a much better bride!


I’m really bummed that it’s closed when I’m there this month, but I’m so looking forward to seeing it in April :happy: I love the HM and can’t wait to see how it’s improved. It sounds good so far!


I LOVE this ride and can’t wait to see the changes in December. Thanks for the article, helps to build the excitement.


I might be tempted to try this ride now. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see and hear the new stuff. We will see in sept.


:huh: :huh: Are you telling everyone that you have not done that before? Are you saying you’ve been afraid to visit with the ghosts? :ohmy: :ohmy:


Well if you just looked at my avatar, you would already know the answer to your question.

Chicken, I am a chicken.:laugh: :laugh:


OK so when exactly is the Haunted Mansion up and running again?


sounds super groovy as long as they don’t mess with the “classic” vibe…improvements?? YES… change?? NOOOOOO :nonono2:


But, but…there are no drops, there’s just fun. You big chicken!:glare: You missed some of the best fun. Now really, unless it’s closed, get in there already.

And, you cannot just say that you did it, there will be a test later :laugh:


Ah well, guess what? It will be closed while I am there.:tongue:


I can’t wait to go on the updated ride in April!


this is why she has a chicken as her avatar, pay attention!!! LOLOLOL (just joking all in good fun LMS)


Can’t wait to do HM now on my next trip!