The new sign of "The Seas with Nemo and Friends."


go to and see the new sign will look like.


No, you can’t make me! :glare:

Well, maybe…:pinch:

OK, You talked me into it! :blush:


I just clicked the link and didn’t see it…hmm I’ll have to look harder. thanks for the link.


Dana click on news and rumors at WDWMAGIC.COM WDW, Walt Disney World News Rumors Photos Reviews Discussion Forum and click on the new marquee of the seas with nemo and friends.


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Goof Daddy it read to my topic is the new sign of “The seas with Nemo and Friends.”


Cool! Thanks for sharing! :mickey:


I second the coolness and thankfulness! :wink:


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Saw it …thanks for the link!


This link has some pretty good pictures.

The Living Seas - Nemo and Friends Photos


Whoa, that jellyfish looks so cool! (totally random, hehe) :laugh:. Thanks for posting that link… Those replicas look really amazing… :mickey:


Wow, I’m totally excited, I’ll be seeing that in December!! It looks awesome, thanks for the links alcar and Jeanny!


Wow that is super cool looking already! I can’t wait until I have the chance to see it in person (and experience the attraction of course!)


any time i can’t wait for this. Oh! do you now the new sponsor will be in the The seas with nemo and friends.


Do I know who the new sponsor will be? Nope. Who was their sponsor before? :confused:


i don’t know the new sponsor will be either Screever.:confused:


ImageShack - Hosting :: signpk8.jpg here’s the new sign in “The Seas with nemo and Friends”.


For fun, i thought i’d post the horrible photo of Marquee and the Seagulls that my friend Chad he got wet when he shoot this pictures.


Cool pix, thanks Jeany!


You’re welcome Princess Pooh i will thank Chad for this. Because he is working in the " The Seas with nemo and Friends sign". and now is in top of the rocks.