The OFFICIAL announcement


According to allears, the official announcement and details have been made:

It just seems TOO cool!!! :excl:


Umm, wow, that nearly seems like an April’s Fools Joke! Those prizes are just ABSOLUTELY incredible and unbelievable!! I don’t get how they are choosing the winners though!?!


I can’t wait to see the “dream track” details. DH already told me we’d probably go back next year too. Now I’m going to hold him to that. I need to make him write it and sign it :laugh:


I just entered the big sweepstakes giveaway for the Oct 1-4 dream of a lifetime trip to WDW. You enter each park on a red carpet and get the special treatment for 4 magical days. I’ll think I’d accept that prize!


I entered the contest to be the Magic Kingdom family, too!

I wonder how they choose the million winners at the parks, though??? :dry:


Thanks for the link. I just entered the sweepstakes too. Good luck everyone!!


I can’t wait for more info on this. I’m unreasonably excited about it!

(So I guess I have to say… “Way to go, Marketing Department!”???)


Alright, I am just going to come out with it. Everyone here knows well that I am DEFINATELY not a Disney cynic, actually quite the contrary. Although, does anyone else feel like after coming off of such a HUGE celebration like the “50th” that was so widespread there maybe should be a window of subtlety? With all the hoopla of the 50th, hoopla for the Pirates movie, hoopla for the “re-done” attractions, hoopla about EE, and sure to come hoopla for EPCOT’s anniversary I am starting to feel like it’s a bit much.

Even though this “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration pulls at my heartstrings because it really seems to get to that core Disney magic of dreams and wishes :wub: I kinda can’t help but feel like; WOW, I know so many people who felt almost pressured to make a disney vacation happen during the 50th and I think this might have the same effect. Obviously their marketing department deserves metals at this point but my goodness.

hehe, ok, sorry. if I can’t share those thoughts here where can I?


I am pretty excited hearing about this. I wonder how Disney will be able to make dreams come true for so many people. I hope this isn’t something that would just benefit a lucky few.


This is awesome! I’ll be at WDW for Oct 1st, I wonder what special things they are planning! Good luck on the sweeps everyone!


Wish… as FANTASTIC as I think this promotion sounds… I completely get where you’re coming from.

I don’t think a period of quiet would be a bad thing at all. Let us recover! Give us some time to get excited about something new. We can’t keep it at fever pitch all the time.


Although the thought of sleeping in the Royal Bedchamber makes my heart skip a beat :wink: …I do agree with Wishy and Andrea. We have a trip planned for September and now I am disappointed. If we could wait a few more weeks (which we can’t, actually) we would be able to be there during the new celebration and now I am actually feeling a little deflated… :crying:


This sound pretty cool. I was at WDW during their 15th and 20th anniversary (I believe those were the years). I remember Disney gave out some pretty nice prizes to the guests as they entered the parks. My guess is that they Disney will probably do the same thing this time. If I can manage a trip some time in 2007, may be I’ll have better luck this time around. :tongue:

Hey I just realized that in 30 days I’ll be in the house of mouse; what a great feeling! :mickey:


How long till Disney does the Un-Celebration with unparades, and unbirthdays parties.

Just wondering…


They are just on to something. I think most of us really wanted another “celebration” to look forward to. You all know you’re going to go back anyway! :tongue:


True - I feel like I have to keep up with the “Jones’” - The Jones’ being Disney of course! :pinch:


The family that is seen spending the MOST money wins.
:eek: :angel: :happy:


So does this mean that the HCOE ends on 9/30?!?! We’re scheduled to come home on 10/1, but I guess we may have to put off Myrtle Beach in '07 until some other time if this new extravaganza is something to see!!!


Exactly, even though I will be visiting during this new celebration, I KNOW I would feel compelled to push for it and feel dissapointed if I wasn’t. Then again, I am a “DisneyDweeb,” maybe these celebrations aren’t as important to the general public. Although, with the amount of advertising and marketing you’d think the contrary. Somebody take the crack away from the marketing department… pppllleeeaassseee.


Sleeping in the castle! How cool is that? I want to win!