The OMG did Livi throw up? Trip Report


OK, its long overdue but I feel obligated to write a TR, after reading everyone elses. This trip originates from St. Louis, driving to the Kingdom, in my DW grocery getter (Minivan). Cast member include myself (Tim), DW (Diane), DS4 (Jack) and DD2 (Livi). We left July 5th at around 4am and the plan was to drive as far as we could stay the night somewhere in Georgia and finish the drive up on the 6th. BTW the two monkeys (DS & DD) were so excited they didn’t fall back asleep until about 7:30, and they are not morning people.
The drive down was uneventful except for one small hiccup in Tennesse. The kids had both ate a little breakfast, (Blueberry muffins and applejuice), and we got gas and pottied, and were in for a long stretch of driving. Then some strange noises came from DD, noises I had neverheard before. Then the eruption…OMG she threw up…and not just a little. It kept coming, and coming, it was enough to make a frat boy proud, and all she could say was “daddy I sick”. She was then lucky enough to get a bath in a rest are sink. After the rest area bath it was back on the road. The rest of the drive was quiet, and we actually made it to Orlando in one day. We checked in to the Holiday Inn outside Universal at about 9:30, which let us get up early the next morning for a full day at the Magic Kingdom. Here are some pics from day one…

PS, I am clearly not a English major…I know I ramble…Don’t make fun of my writing too much.

PSS…I forgot on July 3rd my DD developed some sort of crazy swollen eye thing. Which her doc gave us medicine for and was gone by day 3 of the trip.


Yay, good start. Oh, what a scary thing to happen with Livi :eek:


Omg! I was going to put some kind of warning like…please let me know when the vomit comet is coming and all the sudden there it was and BAM…vomit.

Other than that I love the start of this TR! I can;t wait to read more…


[QUOTE=cinderbella;890160]Omg! I was going to put some kind of warning like…please let me know when the vomit comet is coming and all the sudden there it was and BAM…vomit.

Other than that I love the start of this TR! I can;t wait to read more…[/QUOTE]

:laugh::laugh: Me too!

Great start, can’t wait to read more! :happy:


Great start! Can’t wait to read more.


Great title…that alone caught me!! I sure hope the car didn’t smell the rest of the trip???


Wooooooo poor little thing. Hopefully that was all out of her system and she felt better for your first day at MK. BTW your writting skills are fine! Continue!


What a great start.Love the grocery getter, bet your glad you were in the DW van and not your car when DD got sick.


Cool. Power projectiles? :blow::cool: :blow:

No worries. Thar ain’t no gramma gestapo on dis website! :pirate:


She was fine. just a combo of blueberry muffins, apple juice, and disney magic…A little too much for her.


A new car seat was bought when we got back to town, if that tells you anything…More to come tommorow…


Love car sickness…my daughter did that on a trip to Niagara Falls (she was 12)…I think apple juice was in the mix too. Luckily, she could make it in a bag.
Can’t wait to hear more of your trip report!


Ok…Day two was vomit free I promise. So we got up around 6:30 or so and headed to DW at around 8. We got to ASMo and headed inside to get our passes and check in. At 8 am on a Sunday morning, there is NO ONE checking in, and I mean no one. Went right up to the counter. Now I wish I could remember the cast member’s name that checked us in because he was very nice and helpful.
Now my 4 year old is a HUGE Buzz fan, so I asked the CM if any rooms were available in the Toy Story building. Not only was there a room available but it was ready and we could get into it right then…Jackpot!!
We drug our van full of stuff up to the room, and were ready for a full day. About the room, it was very clean and plenty big for us. I think with older kids it would probably be to small but with little ones it was just fine.
At this point we headed to the food court for some Mickey Waffles and OJ and the off to the parks. Now we had a choice to make, we were down there much earlier than expected, so our plans were flexible. We had ADR at Sci-Fi Drive in at 615, but that was hours away. The lure of the MK was too much and we jumped on the first bus that pulled up headed in that direction.
I really expected a GRAND moment turning the bend and walking down Main Street, but I think both kids were just overwhelmed by everything they saw. Sensory overload I guess. Once at the park we hit all the spots the we had talked up to the kids, Buzz Light Year Spin, Barnstormer, and Teacups. The crowds were not nearly as bad as I expected and neither was the heat. It was but not unbearable. After several hours we decided to head back to the hotel to clean up for dinner.
I will skip a head to my short review of the Sci- Fi drive in. I enjoyed every meal we had while at Disney in some respect…except this one.
Our reservations were at 615, we got there around six checked in, and did not get seated until around 645. Which was compounded by the fact DD had fallen asleep while waiting…Yahhh us. We finally got seated, the service was actually ok, our server was a nice guy. The menu is tiny, there are literally like seven entrees on it. I order the shrimp pasta which was gross. Long story short I see no reason to ever eat there again.
Ohhhh, one more thing before I end day one…The double strollers at DW are incredible…Ever single on rolled like a champ…
More later…


Really enjoying your tr. Your kids are adorable.


Glad day two went well and was VOMIT free!! :heart:


A great day! More, more, more :biggrin:


Great day 2, no vomit!!! I am sorry you ended up getting a new car seat…
Great pics. Cute little people!


Cute kids.


Your kids are soo cute! The pic in the race car almost made me cry. It reminded me of our first trip as a family of 4 back when now 7 year old was only 3


Your kid are too cute! I can’t believe they handled that long of a drive…I’m from St. Louis too, and even I can’t sit still that long!

Glad to hear you had a good time! I’m enjoying your TR!