The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights



I’ve never been in December before so am trying to work out exactly what the The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is. Reading on Disneys Official website it says that “Approximately every 10 minutes, the lights dim and then dramatically spring to life”. Now also on the calendar for Hollywood Studios on Disney’s website at 6pm everynight it has ‘The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights’ taking place. Does anyone know what exactly happens at 6pm? Is this when they are switched on each night and they run until the park closes? Or is there something special at 6pm?

Sorry I’m just confused. After reading it happens every 10 minutes, I figured I could go whenever, but after seeing the time in the Calendar I’m now wondering if we have to go there for 6pm.

Thank you in advance for any clarification.


Yes, at 6 is when they switch on the lights. A few yrs ago, they had a little ceremony with a child flipping a giant light switch. It does give you a AAAAHHHHH moment when all 50 billion lights come on at once. But they have a “set” that repeats every 10 min or so. The same songs over and over, the same lights flashing in time to those songs. I love to slowly walk down to one end of the street and just sit there for a while.


If they list a time of 6pm that is when the “big switch” (literally, they actually have one, usually behind a rope & a family gets to “flip the switch”) gets turned on and the whole display is lit. It stays lit until park closing but at those certain intervals there is a “light show” where the lights syncronize & move to fun Christmas music. We usually spend an hour back there but at times it can get REALLY busy and hard to move through the street.

It’s a CAN’T MISS! Amazing display!


Last time I was there they still had the giant switch and we’d see a selected family or individual picked to flip it. I wonder if they are going to do that again this year?


It is a wonderland of lights…literally! It is fantastic and NOT to be missed. You can wonder in there anytime after 6, but every 10 minutes they do a presentation with music in the “center” of town. December is my fav time of year! Enjoy all the decorations everywhere.


Absolutely, do not miss this! We love to walk through all the streets, count the hidden Mickeys, listen to the music, its truly a spectacle!


…Oh and get the light up twinkling mug with hot cocoa!!! ENJOY!


We still have ours from our trip in 2005, and the lights still work!:happy:


We were never there at the 6 for the light up, but our trip in Nov. 2007 we actually went over 3 different nights. It’s definitely an ahhhhhh moment if you love Christmas lights. The last night DH and I got to sit on a park bench for about an hour and just people watch, and enjoy the lights and it even “snowed” while there. It’s amazing to sit in a short sleeve shirt and enjoy the snow.


Thank you everyone for clarifying this. I’ll not try to make it for 6pm then, we’ll probably wonder along after Fantasmic (though I bet everyone does that!)