The packing thread


Jo-jo suggested a packing thread to keep me busy while I wait for this trip to get here (88 days right now). So, anyone have any super packing ideas of questions about packing? Let’s talk about packing until I can get my suitcase down…lo

Share your favorite packing tip withy the group. Tell us how you tackle packing. Ask packing questions…come on packers!!!


This isn’t exactly a packing question, but any thoughts on how to get two parents, one toddler, one unbrella stroller, one car seat (that doesn’t fit on the stroller), diaper bag and two carry on bags thru the airport?

Last time they had a stroller the size of a bus, so everything got thrown onto it, now the stroller is 1/3 the size.


Here’s my packing attack plan.

Step one: make a packing list for each person going on the trip.
Step two: lay out suitcases, carry-ons and toiletries bag and have a seperate packing list for each.
Step three: over time (two months for me) buy, wash or “obtain” said items on the list and put in to the bag they belong in.
Step Four: check off items on the list.
Step Five: two days before you leave, recheck the list with the contents of the bag and put in any things you left out
Step six: one day before you leave, do step five again
Step seven: before you leave the house, whip those cases out again and check you have everything
Step eight: obsess the entire time you are at the airport and on the plane about the contents in the bag and sware you forgot something
Step nine: while unloading the suitcases, leave the check list in the bag. You can use this to make sure you haven’t left anything in the hotel when you are packing up to go home.


Being a guy, I pack about 20 minutes before going to bed the night before the trip. Depending on the length of the trip I pack an extra day’s worth of clothes. I also am in the process of keeping a toiletry bag ready to go with all those little mini toothpaste, toothbrush, contact lens case/solution ready to go so I don’t have to worry about packing the big stuff.

My DW on the other hand, takes an hour or so to get her stuff together. How we manage to still get all our stuff packed into one suitcase is amazing hehehehehehehehe


Step 10 -12…Go back into hotel room three times to make sure nothing is left behind. (because by now we’ve lost the packing list)


OK, here’s one! I am leaving in exactly 3 weeks today and DH and I have adopted a STRICT “carry-on only” policy for trips over the past year and a half. I was able to execute this during our California trip with great pride :biggrin: but my problem is ALWAYS coming home!!! Because the “carry-on” is fairly full when departing it’s hard to pack an extra duffle bag for the return. Are there any other solutions besides shipping & extra duffle bag?


Make them scale it down. Just take a small diaper bag to the airport (one that fits only what you will need for the flight (bottle, diapers etc) and have the bigger one for the parks packed in your checked luggage (empty of course) The car seat will be going on the airplane right? that won’t need to be checked and the umbrella stroller will go with your luggage. I suggest checking in curb side to avoid carrying all this crap through the airport. I do it every trip…it’s so much easier and worth the $1 per bag tip. I don’t think you need 2 carry-on bags. one diaper bag and one carry-on is more than enough for a plane ride. As a parent, I know the need to want to cover any scenerio on the plane ride (asprin etc. and entertainment) but unless your flgiht is over two hours, this isn’t necessary. Just bring necessities for the baby, some minor plane entertainment for the adults and a change of clothes for all. That is plenty.


I have a great idea for recognizing your bags on the belt at the airport: Take some masking tape and tape all around the perimeter of each bag. Start just below the handle and make a ring of masking tape all around. Across the top, down the side, across the bottom near the wheels, back up the other side, and then the top untill you meet where you started. Than with a black Sharpie, write your last name on the tape one after another untill you’re back to where you started.

You’ll recognize your bags from way over on the other side of the belt. If you have black luggage especially, you know how they can all look alike.

Try it,it might save you some aggravation at the airport.


Pack the extra duffle bag. I do that every trip…have to or I would have to leave things behind. The extra duffle bag should be a nice flat one and packed in your checked luggage. Unless your suitcase is packed so tight it’s about to explode, you will have room for a simple flat bag. You can get one at wallmart pretty cheap. It doens’t have to be a deluxe travel bag…just a cheap duffle for things that you buy or dirty clotses to make room for things you get at the park in your checked suitcase… You can also have breakable things shipped home so you don’t have to worry about shoving them into a suitcase or your checked luggage.


Great tip andrew! I use the string technique and may steal yours instead. Sometimes the string gets lost…lol I have army green with tan trim luggage just like half the other travelers…lol


LOL hey whatever works for you. I pack like I am never comimg back it’s takes me months to get it right…lol I buy the travel stuff all year as I see it too. Makes it easier.


omg andrew.:eek: I think I will just stick with my lavendar colored luggage or bright pretty ribbons to recognize! haha, NO masking take or sharpie markers!!! That’s totally something D would do though, as I am 20 miles AWAY from the baggage carousel at that point.:cool: :laugh: :pinch:


Yeah, I use the curly ribbon on the handle, but if it’s on the belt the wrong way, you can’t see it. Good tip.


Thanks Dana, I think I need to make a trip out to the closest WalMart… which is a stinking 30 minutes away!!!:angry: I was ALSO thinking maybe I could get those little space bags. If i could learn to only bring the pair of shoes I am wearing on my dang feet it probably wouldn’t be a problem!


I am certain that lavender luggage is easy to spot…lol I, unfortunately had my luggage given to me as a present for my 30th birthday and they pick “traditional” colors…lol I would have loved to have had a screaming hot pink or something that I would know that is mine as soon as it came out.


I bring no less that 4 pair of shoes…they have their own suitcase. My dd also brings about 4 pairs and we stick them and things I don’t mind being near dirty shoes in one seperate suitcase. Multiple pairs of shoes, to me, are essential. I like to have two pair of sneakers, one sandal and of course flips. Have to have flip flops…trip wouldn’t be right. Space bags would also work out just fine.


I love your packing tips. I actually use alot of them.

Since I travel for business, I always have an extra necessaty bag packed and ready to go. I also have a small duffle bag (one that foldes up really small) in my suitcase at all times.

The tape trick is a great idea, but TSA might take it off, what I suggest is using very bright color ribbon or yarn attached to your handles or a very loud bright color ID tag.

Also, if you want your luggage locked, invest in TSA approved locks. I have had locks cut off my luggage and my luggage “examined”, which kinda freaked me - know that someone was going through my things. If TSA does examine your luggage they will leave a card inside.

Have fun packing!


Last trip, I had my tiara in a tupperware container, guess it looked funny cause that bag was searched.

This isn’t a packing tip. But last trip we brought along some of those single serving drink mixes along. When we were just too tired to walk back to the food court at night, we just used those with ice water.



:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

This is the funniest thread in a long time! Aw, you cutie pie… I know you are a packing expert, and it is darling that you need to chat about it before you can get your suitcases out! That’s one of the MANY reasons we love you!

Here is what I do (BIZARR-O!):
I pack a single bag for each person, which we check at the airport. Then, I pack a single backpack for the plane ride. This is key! Inside, I pack a bathing suit, a change of undies and a fresh shirt for each person. That way, if any of the cases get lost, we can still swim while we wait for the cases to arrive… or even go to the parks the next day.

I know this works, because since I have been doing it, we have never had a lost bag! LOL!


I keep my tiara in a Tupperware container too!!! LOL :laugh:

(I know… my DD needed at least one sparkling item of clothing at all times, too! Aren’t they sweet???)