The Parks and the Turkey Legs


Is it just me (and I think it might be)?

Is seeing people (especially the REALLY heavy Americans) eat those turkey legs just a bit on the gross side?


Let me know…because my wife and I are grossed out… but, we think it’s just us and that we’re being pansy’s.


I think it’s just you! What is to be grossed out about, it’s a turkey leg. It’s like thanksgiving everyday!
Den :mickey:


I agree! I could do without seeing anyone gnawing on a huge piece of meat!


While a vegetarian might be grossed out by seeing someone eating a huge chunk of meat, and that I can fully understand, even concidering the omnivore that I am. However I think the ‘really heavy Americans’ part is a bit on the insensitive side.


There are a few heavy Americans around but I have seen a few light Americans gnawing a turkey leg. So are we grossed out by heavy Americans gnawing or just the gnawing in general?

(I would love to be gnawing on a turkey leg at WDW right about now…and I’m proud to be a slightly more then light slightly less the heavy American – but I’m moving towards the light side everyday…)



Not a huge fan of the turkey legs myself…but everyone has the right to enjoy themselves at Disney and however they choose to do that is fine with me! I like gnawing on chicken strips and stuff so them eating a turkey leg doesnt bother me!


“Is seeing people (especially the REALLY heavy Americans) eat those turkey legs just a bit on the gross side”

Oh Pleeeessssse!!! I don’t even know how to respond to that!


I think your more offended by the “heavy americans” than the turkey legs. I agree with Tao Of Mouse…very insensitive to say.


Did I read this post right???


All I can say is, I really hope you’re not a cast member.


Wow. Sorry everybody. I am a HEAVY AMERICAN. So, I guess I felt comfortable saying it because I was mocking myself getting the greasy stuff going (although I’ve lost 80 lbs and still losing) with the turkey legs.

I’m sorry if I offended anybody. It was really self-deprecating… and I simply didn’t get it to translate well.


Well DH LOVES those things and he is in the military and far from overweight at all. All the tendons and stuff really gross me out but he just has to have one whenever we go to Disney or Six Flags! He now has our 9 year old DS hooked on them too…it is a sight to see those two walking around WDW w/ those giant turkey legs and constantly stopping to throw the tendons away in the garbage cans! Yuck is all I have to say…lol!


My Dd and I had our first turkey leg last trip (neither of us are heavy thanks) It was good to start with but half way through I got Turkey leg over dose and am now sick to my stomach when I smell them… I know they are favorites amoung many of the Dcers. Heavy people or not, these are a lot healthier than a burger or fries. :flowers:

BTW: Your question or statement rather was a little bit offensive. I hope you didn’t mean it the way it sounded. Perhaps you should correct it or restate it.


My family really doesn’t like the turkey legs very much, but it sure does seem like they are a big hit at WDW.


Those Turkey legs are perfect Atkins diet things. I haven’t eaten one yet,but any day now I will!!


I was doing Atkins last trip, and I was so grateful for the turkey legs!!! Plus they were so yummy. Also, Fulton’s has huge platters of crabs, no carbs in sight! And Cape May Cafe has plenty of meats and cheeses. Oh, yeah, and Biergarten has mountains of sausages and veal! (Down 15 pounds and still going!)
P.S. Don’f forget to eat your veggies!


It isn’t the sight of people chowing down on the turkey legs, for some reason it is the SMELL. DW and I both can’t stand the aroma. It is truly the only thing we dislike about WDW, but it is a small price to pay for the magic!


Ok this might sound like blasphemy but last thanks giving I had a steak and mashed potatoes (my DW had lobster). We could make it home (her or mines) so it was just us so we made reservations at a restaurant in NYC, went in early to see the Macy’s parade (only got with in 2 blocks of it but could still see the balloons and hear the bands).

We were both so glad that we had had Turkey legs a few weeks earlier at WDW! It wasn’t Thanksgiving but it got us through :mickey:


How funny I was about to say those are on my South Beach diet so maybe I should try one!!!


I’m just so glad to have come upon this thread, seeing someone speak insensitively, seeing people not stand for it, but talk about it in a constructive way, and the person with the blooper make a very heartfelt apology, and things just carry on in a positive direction! Last week saw some really ugly threads on this board, where people were making fun of others in a cruel way, and some very nice people who tried to stand up being attacked quite viciously. It felt like the whole tenor of the place had really gone downhill, and I was about ready to give up on disneycentral, and go look for a little magic elsewhere. Thanks, everyone, for being so good about this! It’s made me feel better about this board --I hope it’s been encouraging as well for anybody else who was feeling grimmed out by this board last week… :flowers: