The perfect meal at DW


My friend and I were just talking about what would be the best meal we could put together from all of our favorite restaurants in DW. Mine is a toss up on a few but I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone else’s too!

Appetizer: Flatbread at Californina Grill
entree: pork at CG or the crab legs at Coral Reef
Desert: Chocolate Wave at Coral Reef or bread pudding at 'Ohana

So what do you think???


Mmmm that sounds delicious! :happy:

I guess I can’t really put in my own suggestion, because I’ve only eaten at a couple places and one of them (Chef Mickey’s) doesn’t exactly have any food that stands out as amazing. :laugh:


Hmmmm… sounds unbelievably good, but I was thinking something more like this:

Snack: Breadsticks from Le Cellier
Appetizer: Oyster-Brie Soup from Hollywood Brown Derby
Salad: Endive salad from Hollywood & Vine
Entree: Crab Sampler Platter For Two from Fulton’s
Dessert: Bread Pudding With Vanilla Sauce from Boma
Cocktail: Poinsettia from Hollywood Brown Derby


Potatoes from Ohana’s or Kona Cafe have to be in there somewhere. Or maybe the cream cheese mashed potatoes from Le Cellier. Wait, that’s a lot of potatoes. :happy: Filet mignon from Le Cellier. Oh, this thread is way too hard for me.


I have to agree with the cream cheese potatoes as a side. Oh, and CG has some awesome deserts too. The banana thing (can’t remeber the name) is heavenly! Oh and as sides the potatoe salad and pasta salad from Boma.


Oh good grief this thread is making me hungry. :dry:



OK… I’ve just come from the Kitchen Sink thread to this… time for Dinner!


:crying: Oh gee, I forgot to add the beignets from POFQ… :eek: :laugh:



Appetizer: Mussels from Artist Point
Soup: Carrot Ginger from Boma
Dinner: Probably the Chicken & Lamb Schwarma from Tangierine Cafe! :laugh:
Dessert: Oooh… that 'Ohana bread pudding IS really good…

Wow… this meal does NOT sound good all together! :laugh:


Boy - this is hard…

Beverage - Glass of good Merlot from Chefs de France
Appetizer - Crab Cakes from Flying Fish
Entree - Medium-rare Filet Mignon from LeCellier or Salmon from Artist Point
Dessert - Cloudberry Horn from Kringla Bakery or any number of creme brulees

Quick Dinner - The Original from Earl of Sandwich.

Snack - Mickey Cheese Shortbread.


Definitely the pretzel bread and cheese soup from LeCellier.

I’d probably take the Filet Mignon too, but the bread putting at Ohana is WONDERFUL!


Ohanas all the way around for me.


Off the top of my head :wub: …

drink: Pink Lemonade from Crystal Palace
app: Calamari from Mama Melrose
main course: Filet Migon from LeCellier
with a side of shrimp from Ohana and Wild Mushroom and Chicken Pasta with Bail Asiago Cream Sauce from Crystal Palace
bread: cornbread from Hoop-de-Doo
dessert: Smores from 50’s Prime Time

snack: Mickey Rice Krispie treat from Main Street Bakery


This one is easy for me:

Artist Point’s Smoky Portobello Mushroom Soup
Le Cellier’s mushroom filet mignon
Boma’s Zebra Domes :wub: