The Pirates League


As some of you may know, The Pirate’s League is offering a great deal to select WDW guests right now with a savings of 50% off. With that deal, I couldn’t resist! The whole experience took about an hour and we did not have a reservation. We got there at park opening and they were able to take up right away. I was really impressed with the outfits and makeup and all the piratey stuff they had the kids say and do. It was totally worth it to have both kids made up for $125.00. I don’t think I would ever had paid full price, but I think the discount makes you feel like you got your monies worth!

I present to you…

Jeremiah Cannonshot (aka TJ) and Bess Raidrage (aka Haley)


So cute! We have DS7 booked in for March and I may just increase his package to include the outfit too! I hope they extend the offer!:pirate:


I have to say I am happy I did the whole package. Otherwise, you might as well just save money and have his face painted in toon town.


Aarrgghh…them be some fine scallywags!


That is precious, Kim. :heart:


Great photos! My DD6 really enjoyed the experience too, although didn’t do the outfit (and paid full price -ugh)! You probably already know but allears is having a vote for best picture of the year - and I just voted for yours! Just love your picture!!


Thanks!! :laugh:


Too Cool. If the discount is still going in May, I’ll take my boys, otherwise they’ll have to settle for facepainting in HS


What is the Pirates League? Your children look adorable.


You can pay to have the kids faces painted with or without costumes, and they get their own pirate name…kinda like bibbidi bobbidi boutique…more geared towards boys, but as you can see they sure do make the girls look like cute little pirates


Oh, that sounds cute. Is that in MK or DTD?


I’m pretty sure its MK


Ah! So this is whatI saw some kids getting gussied up for the opther day! I just thought their parents were just really great at kid-theming!


Yep, Magic Kingdom just outside in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the Pirates store.


Seeing those pictures makes me want to visit the pirate league! :pirate:


I called yesterday and upgraded DS7’s package to include the outfit. He’s so excited to be made into a pirate. Thanks for the pics! I can’t find any discounts out for our travel date in March, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for him. DD5 and DD3 are also visiting the BBB that day, so they’ll all be able to be made over!! Can’t wait!!


They are going to have a great time and you are going to get some great pictures!!


In one word…ADORABLE!!!:wub:

I wish this would have been available when my boys were younger. They would have loved it!