The Plaza or Liberty Tavern


Which would you choose for a sit down dinner before the start of MNSSHP, The Plaza Resturant or Liberty Tavern. I have a 10 year old and an 8 year old both ae a bit on the picky side.:glare:


I’d choose Liberty Tree Tavern. The food there is pretty good, and there’s always the possibility the characters will reappear by October. I’ve had a nice meal at the Plaza, too, but it’s a small restaurant. The menu choices are pretty basic, though - mostly sandwiches. The children’s menu is typically “safe” food, like chicken fingers and pizza, and it’s offered at The Plaza. Your eight year old can order off that. Technically, your 10 year old is too old to be a “Disney Child,” but I’m seventeen, and I never have a problem ordering off the children’s menu (they’ll probably just give him a kids’ menu, anyway - or they’ll ask, and you can request two kids’ menus). I believe LTT for dinner is a buffet, so they can get food from the children’s buffet, but your ten year old will still be charged as an adult. The Plaza is also less time-consuming, so this might be your best bet before MNSSHP.


We’ve done lunch at Liberty Tavern but never dinner. But I pick The Plaza–it is one of our favorites and the last meal we have every trip before we head home.


I would choose LTT, I’ve been to both. The Plaza is smaller, and if you’re looking to eat at that type of place Beaches and Cream blows the Plaza out of the water.

LTT is served family style though, so there isn’t much choice, so look on all ears to see if the menu is something that would fit your family’s needs.


We’ve been to both restaurants several times and prefer Plaza Restaurant over LTT if there are no characters at LTT. The food is okay at LTT but the characters really make that meal for us.


We “LOVE” LTT!! We usually eat there, towards the end of the trip, because we usually get tired of eatting all the rich food. We love us some good ole southern food! :wink:


Personally, I’d either go with Plaza or get to the park before it closes for regular guests and get the last possible reservation for Crystal Palace.


Frankly, that menu has more in common with New England Thanksgiving than anything else.


I have Crystal Palace planned for another night. I think I am starting to lean towards the Plaza. When I first thought about going to LTT they still had the Characters but without them I don’t know!!