The Plaza or Tony's?


Well, I booked LeCellier’s for our anniversary trip! Never been there, but heard great things.

Also booked Teppan Edo and Sanaa…based on reviews too…

Now, I’m looknig for a place for dinner at MK. 1 TS left to use…hmmmmm!

The WDW Guest Service gal recommended Tony’s, but the reviews I’ve read are mixed.

I’m depending on my MB pals to give the real scoop…:redface:

Your choice?


You won’t regret Teppan Edo!! I have never eaten at the Plaza, but we also enjoy Tony’s!! Its nothing fancy, but good!! Have fun!!:laugh:


Thanks Mof2! We’ll give Tony’s a try. I’m really excited about Teppan Edos. My DH is going along with it since we’re doing the steakhouse the day before. :blush:

I see you’re celebrating a family reunion? How exciting! How many family members?


I would have voted for the plaza… Hamburgers and ice cream… but unlike anywhere else on property. I like the food better there…


Hrmphhh! That’s what I heard! Anyone else eat at both places have an opinion?


I just think that if I order spaghetti at Tony’s… it is like Chefboyardee out of a can… not for me. Other people have gotten other things and they have loved them…

Plaza is like good burgers (not those flat things everywhere else), fries, and milkshakes… like the 50’s. Just my opinion…


Everyone always says Tony’s isn’t that good food wise, but it’s not bad. It’s just not spectacular! But still tasty. I’ve never eaten at Plaza, so I can’t weigh the options. But all I know is everytime I go to Tony’s, especially when it’s for a celebration, yes I may not remember how great the food was, but they always seem to make the occasion special. And it’s a beautiful atmosphere right on town square!


We’ve eaten at Tony’s several times (lunch and dinner) and have always enjoyed the food and service…never eaten at the Plaza.


Now don’t listen to hanwill, she’s “with child” you know what that does to an appetite.

I vote for Tony’s. It is a nice place to sit and eat something light.


If your husband likes steak he will enjoy Teppan Edo. If he is a meat eater and you are looking for somewhere around MK have you thought about 'Ohana? I have never tried Tony’s because I’m not much of a pasta eater.


We were at both. Tony’s would be my pick!!!


We’ve eaten at Tony’s couple of times. It’s not bad, but nothing overly spectacular.
Teppan Edo is fantastic. Especially if you get a “lively” chef.


We liked Plaza!!! Yum!!! Confuzed yet? Why don’t you do something we can all agree on Ohana’s, lol. I think guest relations pushes the restaurants that don’t really fill up.


We ate at Tony’s years ago and it was alright but request to sit outside for your meal. We had fun watching everyone running out of the rain while we ate. Laughed like crazy:)


Just changed reservations to 'Ohana. :blush: We can eat and still head to MK after for EMH.

Thanks for all the input. I’m excitd about Teppan Edo’s now! :wub:


We’ve eaten at both more than once and If I had to pick one, it would be Tonys. They are both good but Tonys seems nicer. The Plaza is sandwiches, while Tonys is actual sitdown food. You know what I mean? I feel like I could get Plaza food at a counter service.


We were just at Tony’s in December for the first time. Food was just okay, the portions were large and they are definitely overpriced. We would probably do it again after we have tried everyplace else.

We are definitely trying The Plaza. We have been going to WDW for 20+ years and haven’t even tried it yet. Mostly because we really haven’t paid much attention. Someone let the cat out of the bag on this forum and we are going to try it in a few weeks.

The other place you mentioned we haven’t been to yet.


We tried out The Plaza for the first time last trip and it was amazing! The CM at concierge reccomended it to us and we were so glad she did! Their steak sandwitch was amazing, and dessert…Ive never had a better one on property!! The place is rather small, maybe 15 - 20 tables or less! Definatly get a table in the conservatory section though, much lighter and spacious!


I would try the Plaza based off recent awesome reviews I have read. I have never read anything about Tony’s that makes me want to go. I have booked it twice and cancelled based off of reviews and me not wanting to go and hate it.


I haven’t eaten at The Plaza since 2001. I guess the menu didn’t excite me.
But if I had to pick either Tony’s or The Plaza, I think I’d go with the Plaza. Tony’s spaghetti wasn’t good and I recall the meat I was served as being cold and having congealed grease on top. Haven’t been back since.