The pre trip from H-E double hockey sticks!


I’m to the point of holding my breath. I can say this has been a interesting few weeks. We started our single digit dance and everything started falling apart. See ,we have a large issue when we go on vacation. That issue is our adopted friends. Altogether there are(I believe) 17 animals here. From the baby birds to teddy Bear(St Bernard) 2 dogs 4 cats 6 birds some rodents and a few turtle. So going places for more then 8 hours can be lets say messy! I asked my mother this year if she could help out,it wasnt a problem. We begin to wash the dogs for a per trip check up, we noticed that Teddy was cut and infected(long hair get’m every time) so off to the vet , but hay we got time. He gets his Meds and a funny cone shield to stop the licking. Great ok Now we are ready to go. Wrong the cone chaffs Teddy and a new wound. So Off to the Vets again.Ok so we got it under control ,and Teddy is on 24 hour watch, cant get him injuired again! Everythings moving along.Its just 5 days to go, and my mother calls. Her cars not running hasnt been for three days! WHat! I live just 5 miles away, I COULD HAVE HELPED Mother calls a friend, she’ll pick her up to feed and care for our frineds. Wait, a day later her friend gets a j.o.b and its up in the wind again. I hate those days you gotta scramble and act crazy to get everything back to “OK”. Well thank God for friends the word went out that we needed help and three friends(humans) pitched in . I guess more are getting the better vaction gifts this year. So now we are down to day Two, and I’m kinda I mean what happens if a tree would fall and block the road or something. Anyway We are getting ready to drive to the in-laws and from there Disney. I’m sure I will enjoy my time and hope to see a few of you. I’ll be the one with the Custom Disney walking cane(Dont be a hater!)I will post again when I return and I’m sure it will be worth this headach. I want to thank all the posters here. This was one of a very few decent sites that were not only manner-ous but honest and informational. Good Night and Thanks for the help.




I hope everything works out and you enjoy your trip!


Wow, I gotta think you have all the bad stuff out of the way. You’re in the clear now! :mickey:


Redman! Already? Your trip came up fast!

I can’t wait to hear how your trip went! :heart:

If I am ANYwhere near WDW while you’re there, I’ll definitely keep my eye out for you and that beautiful walking stick (how could anyone be a hater!)

I honestly hope your trip is perfect, and your friends are well taken care of!

Don’t be a stranger upon your return!


Glad you were able to get everything worked out. I hope it’s all smooth sailing for you from here on out. Enjoy your trip!


Awww - I am glad everything worked out for you! I hope you and your family have a wonderful trip. Don’t forget to tell us all about it when yuo get back! :heart:


Have a Great Time Redman!! :happy: