The price has gone up sooo much!


Does anyone know how I can get the Photopass any cheaper? I was shocked at the price! are there any discounts, or promo codes to get it less expensive?


If you go with the pre arrival order it is 119.95.
Here is the link:Disney’s PhotoCD Pre-Arrival Savings Offer


Awesome thanks!!


There is a web site (somewhere) where you share a photopass. You team up with others going around the same time and all get on the CD.


…hmmmm…but how in the world would you pass the card around the whole trip? No spontaneity in that…:confused:


The way I have seen friends do it is pass it off when they get home. 3 families go in a chain of trips and all three used the same card, prepaid. Worked out great.


Can you use more than one card and share the prepaid? I will be going the same time as my cousin next year and if we split the price and just keep adding cards to the account I am thinking that may work


It would be great if you had friends going to Disney over a month. Sharing a photopass would be much cheaper than buying it yourself. I have always passed on getting one and just bought a small camera that fit in my pocket.


The Photopass pictures are ridiculously expensive…we never get a prepaid one…we usually use Photopass for maybe one picture together a visit…this past trip, however, DD was given a Photopass at “American Idol” with lots of wonderful pictures of her…we did order more of those than we should have…and ended up getting the CD special, where we can print out our own…


Prepaid is a great savings. You can only have one photopass account, but you can link as many cards as you want to the account. So sharing with family shouldn’t be a problem. Just be aware that you can only add pictures to the CD that are taken after the pre-purchase.

Also, if you feel like you didn’t get enough pictures via photopass once you get home, you can ask for a refund. That’s what I had to do for my last trip - because we didn’t take one photopass picture - and they refunded my money without question. It’s actually in the payment terms/rules ( you can get a refund up to 90 days after purchase).


It is good to know about the refund for the photopass. It would really stink if you really didn’t use it and it was cheaper to just by a few pictures.