The Pub in Epcot's England


Anyone have experience or an opinion on this place? I can’t remember the name of it…sorry, but all you Epcot vets should know what I mean. Is it acceptable to bring kids (11 and a 12 year old)?


Rose and crown is the name…anyone? Anyone?


One of our best memories is from the Rose & Crown, . . . We got there for dinner (it was off season October) and we got a table down by the water right before illuminations started. We were getting ready to order when I noticed a Couple of the CMs volunteering two kids, a girl and a boy (both around 5 or 6), there job was to start illuminations - so they gave them a certificate(they later added their names) and a special wand that they waved magically over the water and the first large firework seemed to come from right above them! Should’ve seen there eyes, “did we do that, Wow!” The two families could’nt shut the kids up - the bragged all thru the show that they started it all. Good moment - don’t know if they do it all the time but if you have kids and are there at the right time I’d sure ask.

MM :mickey:


Dana… Rose & Crown is one of our kids’ “most favorite places in the whole wide world,” and the adultsint eh family love it too! Make PS around an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half before fireworks, and you can have a terrific dinner, and then see Illuminations from the best seats in the house! If you are at an inside table, you can leave your table and walk out onto a private viewing area for the show! Oh, and Dana… have the mushroom appetizer! We DREAM of that dish!


Thanks guys. I am looking through my Passporter for “picky eaters” places for my January trip. I figured fish and chips and all that would be a safe bet. The illuminations part will be an added bonus. I want to WOW DBF and his son on their last night with us at WDW and this looks like it may do the trick. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. I am certian I will be asking many more restaurant questions in the future, so thanks. :mickey:


We have PS for that in September Dana…I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out!


Does anyone know if the Rose and Crown has Guinness on tap? :blink: :rolleyes: :biggrin:


They MUST! Of course, I saw a t-shirt for sale with a round ball with black checks on it that said “soccer”, so then again the authenticity is a bit lacking…


They definately have Guinness as well as Bass, Boddingtons, maybe Tennents. Be prepared to pay about $15 for two pints. Ouch!


Rose & Crown is the favorite of my 7 year old son and my wife. Both are picky eaters. In fact my 7 yr old told me when we go to WDW next year he wants to go there.

Try making a PS for 7:30 to 7:45 at night. We did and we had a table on the patio and was eating desert when Illuminations started. My sons loved it that they did not have to find a place to sit and stand for a long time to see the show. They allowed the guests inside to stand on the patio as long as they did not block the view of others.


Excellent! I look forward to hearing all about it.

Thanks to everyone for thier opinions and responces. :mickey:


I’m glad to hear they have Guinness. $15 for 2 pints? Sounds like when I go to Manhattan :eek: :wink:


last time I bought a “Half yard” of Guiness, which comes in a glass you get to keep. If you are not familiar with a 1/2 yard, it’s a tall narrow tube like glass with a bigger rounded bottom, and holds about 36-40 oz’s of beer. Though i can’t remember the price, I came home with a couple.


I bought a half yard of Guinness in Narcoossee’s on my honeymoon, and everyone with their little martinis thought I was so lowbrow. But it was so cool. I didn’t get to keep the glass though. Maybe you only get to keep it at Rose and Crown. :huh:


We’ve eaten there three times for Illuminations (always during peak travel times)- every time the CMs were able to seat us ouside. It’s a fabulous view!


They just did a rehab on the Pub and it looks great! The surface of the bar is redone, and now they have a way of locking up all the booze each night. Before they had to load up every bottle and cart it upstairs to lock it up for the night, then bring it all back again the next day.



Wow! Lots of unwanted extra work. Glad they fixed that for the CM’s who work there sake.


That does sound like an incredible amount of work, good for them.
I bet the CMs are a bit more pleasant near closing, knowing they do not need to lug up the drinkage.
Wish I was there right now!


We eat there every year for my husband’s birthday. We always make PS about an hour to an hour and a half before so we can see the light show. We always get an outside table and last year it was especially great. We go in February every year and sometimes the weather can be chilly- especially at night. We got an outside table as usual and it was cold. The restaurant turned on heaters outside and it was nice and toasty. The kids love it that they don’t have to sit and wait for illuminations to start and they have great comfortable seats. A must do on our vacation. Enjoy!!