The REAL Peter Pan


Anyone ever read the book Peter Pan, which the Disney movie is based on?

Waaaaaaaaaay different.

The movie doesn’t go far enough in showing how self-absorbed Peter was. He basically tricked/kidnapped the children to take them to Neverland.

The were no “catch and release” games between the Lost Boys and the Indians. They killed each other when they could.

When a Lost Boy grew too old, Peter “thinned them out,” meaning, I inferred, killed them himself.

Peter was such a self-absorbed, live-for-the-moment person that a year after Wendy visited Neverland, Peter could not ever remember Captain Hook (who he killed), nor Tinkerbell, who had saved his life (Fairies, they explain, live for a very short time.)

The book, compared to the movie was much more PG-13, and much more disturbing at the end.


The Brother Grimes version of Cinderella is darker too.


That sounds horrible, Cavey.


Well, yes, but you also have to remember that turn-of-the-century England was a much different place than 21st century America. It may seem “dark” - but it is a classic and should be respected as such. Barry also wrote it at a very difficult time in his life. I know we all love Disney - but we tend to only look at a “Disney” point-of-view. Without the original books, there would be fewer Disney movies (in their toned down version). Alice in Wonderland is a similar case. C.S. Lewis liked to “dabble” in drugs and apparently wrote most of it during a particularly interesting “trip”. No doubt that’s why it contains so many “interesting” characters.


Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll. I don’t think C.S. Lewis took drugs.

You are correct and I agree with you about the importance of the original stories.



I’m fascinated. I had no idea that Peter Pan had an original story, nor Alice…


Yes, you are correct. I must check this cigarette I’m smoking :wink:


They are fascinating stories and I would encourage you to read them…


LOL :mickey:


Almost every movie Disney made (I mean the old ones) come from books:

Snow White

They were all books or fairy tales.


Did you guys see Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp?
It was all about J.M. Barry and him writing the play Peter Pan…it was a pretty depressing (yet good) movie…I have never read the real novel…but I can imagine it would be PRETTY dark…I’ll have to look into it…


I never saw Finding Neverland!
I need to, cuz Johnny Depp = :heart:


A few years ago I learned a very valuable lesson. Choose between the book or a movie but never both one is bound to disappoint you. Hence my trouble with Jurassic PArk. THe book was amazing! When I saw the movie in the theatre I was seriously disappointed by what was left out. The things left out can apparently be found in the sequels. I was bummed.


That struck me as odd. Since I work in the back office of a library, and am responsible for verifying proper shipments (among my other dull duties), I come across a lot of stuff. About 3 weeks ago, we got a copy of this version of Cinderella. I sat down for a while and read it… woah. :huh: Very different.

Haven’t come across the original Peter Pan though…


Oh goodness you MUST see it! It is amazingly well done and moving.
My mum and I were crying so hard at the end we had to sit in the theater for a moment :sad: but it is a wonderful story.


Also the real Little Mermaid story!
She gets feet but can’t stop dancing or something like that, untill her feet bleed off or some horrible ending, I read it once but I think I blocked it from my memory because it is so horrible.


OMG! Me too! I saw it all by myself to (the only movie I ever went to see by myself) and I cried there in the theatre alone! How pathetic. :glare:


Erin - you HAVE to read Lewis Carrol’s The Adventure’s of Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass. It is considered a literary classic! :heart:


It really is. Through the Looking Glass was our yearbook theme for my junior year. Our editor made it a requirement that we read the book for inspiration. That ended up being one of our best designs ever. :happy:

Tessa - I’ve heard about the real LM!! Never read it though. Someone told me it ended up being pretty graphic. :eek:


now i’m curious to read this myself. that’ll be so weird. what about the live action Peter Pan movie that came out in, i think, 2003? is that movie like the book?